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Code Of Conduct For IMechE Members

IMechE’s Code of Conduct includes the fundamental behaviors that each member is expected to abide by.

As a professional body, it promotes high standards of ethical conduct among its members to:

  • protect its members.
  • Uphold its reputation and the broader engineering profession.
  • Protect the members of the public.

IMechE’s by-laws and Code of Conduct are its ethical standards, and they apply to its all members.

A member has to refer to the Code on a regular basis. In fact, they need to act as per the Code throughout their membership. Their behavior has to be according to it whether:

In a professional or a personal capacity, irrespective of their grade

The professional role they fulfill, or

Where (in countries) they work

IMechE Code of Conduct (four principles):

  1. Working with competence and maintaining skills and knowledge:

  • You must maintain your professional knowledge and maintain a record of continuing professional development.
  • It is a must for you to only offer professional services in areas of current competency.
  • You should disclose any related limits on your competency to undertake professional work.
  • It’s a must to quantify and limit risk in all aspects of professional work, including those working under IMechE
  • Make sure that you maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance either via an employer or personally.
  1. Work with integrity and respect others:

  • Don’t intentionally mislead nor allow anybody to be misled.
  • Must respect confidentiality obligations implied.
  • Present and review engineering evidence, theory, and interpretation with honesty, accuracy, and without bias.
  • Declare conflicts of interest.
  • Don’t accept bribery and record gifts or hospitality received.
  • Avoid deceptive acts and refrain from corrupt practices.
  • Never implicate the institution in written or oral correspondence.
  1. Promote sustainability:

  • Recognize the value of socioeconomic and environmental factors.
  • Adhere to obligations for health and safety and environmental protection.
  • Balance the requirements of the present with the requirements for future generations.
  • Consider the requirements of a diverse environment, while never knowingly exploiting natural resources.
  1. Exercise engineering leadership:

  • Take positive action when you face unmanageable risk or malpractice.
  • Encourage and support the extension of ethical practices and respect the rights and reputation of others.
  • Contribute to public discussion about engineering matters within own area competency area and in an objective, clear and truthful manner.
  • Encourage and support diversity within the industry.

Membership benefits:

The following are the top 10 IMechE membership benefits:

Newsletter updates:

Sign in to email updates about the latest engineering and institution news and member updates. Besides that, enjoy training and volunteering opportunities, policy work as well as IMechE’s regional and industry updates.

Professional Engineering:

With deep features and the latest news, stay in touch with the technical, political, professional, and educational issues.  All these things affect engineering, so know about them through IMechE’s print magazine, mobile app, or online news.

Career Developer:

Record, plan and review your CPD with IMechE’s online tool Career Developer. Furthermore, it will enable you to manage your professional development at any stage of your engineering career.

Events and Webinars:

Get a deep understanding of the latest engineering trends, reports, and thought leadership. Get all these things with IMechE’s global range of technical events and online webinars.

Engineering Challenges:

Improve your skills and get inspiration by partaking in Formula Student, Design Challenge, Home Automation Challenge, and Railway Challenge. Besides that, you can also take part in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge.

10% off training:

IMechE has more than 70 business and technical courses. They are designed engineers for engineers to give the necessary knowledge and skills they need. As a result, it will be much easier for you to grow in your engineering career.

Build your network:

Network with other engineers near you and build your own professional network with its support. Aside from that, you will find out about the seminars and events happening near you, or join a local committee.

Help future engineers:

You can use your own passion and knowledge to motivate the next generation of engineers. You can do so by taking up one of IMechE’s many volunteering activities.

Engineering awards:

IMechE works to inspire, motivate and celebrate engineers and technicians through awards and scholarships. These awards and scholarships are for both members and non-members.

Support Network:

IMechE’s Support Network offers global members practical advice, financial support, and emotional support.



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