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Chandratal: The Jewel of Spiti valley

The fascination of exploring the untold has always attracted me from the far places. On a voyage to unfold such an attraction I recently went to a trip at Lahaul and Spiti Valley.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the valley, the ranges of mountain along with the river cascades that adds an extra charm to the trip.  It will be highly unjust if I do not include the name of another most exhilarating place near Spiti valley- the Chandratal Lake.

The Chandratal Lake with Hampta Pass Trekking is a treasure trove for the ardent as well amateur trekkers & It holds the charm and allurement like any other treks in the Himalayas. On the way to it I was overwhelmed by the scenic beauty as if heaven fallen on earth.

The nearest to it was a large town called Manali, another most beautiful place to be visited by all. It is an unforgettable experience to ride in a car, from Manali to reach Chandratal. The road being rocky and steep added an exciting feel to it. The distance covered was nearly 140 kilometers, but a trip with friends along with makes it most exhilarating.

After it cross the Rohtang Pass there were just two spots, where we could get things to eat. I quickly get off from the jeep to enjoy tea of the north in the chilling weather. If you like to experience the dhaba food this is the right place indeed!

chandertal lake

Our expedition moved on towards the muddy and rocky Spiti valley way, there was hardly any tar to be seen anywhere around! I enjoyed immensely the beauty of the waterfalls, After that Pagal Nalas all the way on the road trip. It was one of the overwhelming experiences of the trip.

Chandratal Route

If you do not like to hire a jeep, you can try out a bus to reach Kaza- get off at Batal and stay there at the most famous Chandra Dhaba run by the lovable chachi and chacha. By staying there for some time you will able to accustom yourself with the high attitude.

This high altitude trek taking place 14,000 feet above sea level can be undertaken all year round. But to get dazed by its captivating beauty, you have to visit the region from June to September when nature seems to have tinted a captivating frame with every likely myriad shade. Chandratal Lake is at an elevation of 4300 meters.

Facilities of staying on the camping grounds for few days are possible (Note; camping is not allowed by the edge of the lake). It is a good experience all together. Although, a short trek of the scenic landscape exposes trails that wander through alpine forests, huge rock formations, and remarkably rich vegetation near the Chandratal Lake.

On the mountain top hardly the network works properly, thus a peaceful ambience with hardly any connection with the world creates a feeling of oneness with the nature.  From the camping the lake was 3 kilometers far. We trekked and walked to reach the place following a trail shown by our guide.

The trekking process was very hectic, it was an 8 Hours Trek, from Hampta Pass, Kullu Valley, Lahaul & Spiti Valley. Starting from the early morning trek, we experienced the dynamic landscape that the Great Himalayas holds within its hefty arms.  It was a seamless learning ground for beginners in trekking. The track was easy and steadily slopes on the way to the destination.  We enjoyed conversing with the local shepherds,- knowing more about the valley and life out there in Chandratal!

Following these trails, arrive at the spell bound scene of Hampta Valley, I was awestruck by its beauty, glancing at the best. We continued to cross the Lahaul Valley after leaving Hampta Village to reach Siagoru base camp, an overnight stay in tents was enjoyed by all of us.

On the next day we woke up for another 4 hour of journey from Pirpanjal to Chandratal Lake. The magnificent PirPanjal ranges of the inner Himalayan circle seem ahead! On the way to Chatru, we crossed through the striking cold desert land of Spiti Valley with a dominating like land form of its own, finally we reached Chandratal!

Not only does the moon shaped, Chandratal Lake trekking experience introduces to you the highly captivating beauty of the Himalayan meadows. The cold desert, the flora and fauna of the Lahaul and Spiti valley. It also get you close to the wonderful spirit amidst the haughty peaks. With an easy inclines, the climbs and descends, this trek will definitely satiate all your sate for trekking in the Indian Himalayas.

After I reached the spot, it was a ‘Wow” moment for me, the smaller water bodies of Chandratal was gleaming with the morning sunlight surrounded by the blue hues of mountains, full of colourful shades. The water bodies were crystal clear like a huge mirror set on the Chandratal.  The place has every inch of beauty hidden in each corner of it.

Not only that after I reach Chandratal it was like I get back to the ancient civilization.  The wildlife- the goat and sheep jammed the area waling and moving with their master.

A very happy moment for me, as I enjoyed every bit of the trip, from the tough treks to jumping jeep rides. The extreme climatic condition was chilling overall, but excellent for trekking. Experiencing, exploring and discovering the splendid beauty of the lake made the noteworthy. It was entirely an Eco-friendly zone for trekking thus it should be maintained by all of us.

Certain inclusions for the trek

  • Carry medicine and first aid.
  • Do not trek in the night; it is adventurous but dangerous at times.
  • Carry basic dry foods
  • It is better to have vegetables on the trip as the felling of nausea may pop in.
  • Carry basic needs of camping and trekking.
  • Enjoy the journey to Chandratal Lake and explore the fun in it.

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