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Camping Lights and How to Have Fun With Them

Choose The Best Camping Lights For Camping Adventure

Now you have all your camping supplies including things like Camping Lights. Whether you are using a tent to camp in, or a camper you will need to illuminate your camping spot, so you can see to get around at night. You can really tell the professional campers, because they really know how to light their areas with pizzazz.

Camping Lights and How to Have Fun With Them

Camping Lights long ago, even until now, are the fuel or gas powered lanterns. These lanterns are best for campsites that have no electricity but you must avoid placing this kind of lanterns inside the tent to prevent fire. This is great for lighting the whole camping area so make sure you have some fuel reserved for refill.

Then there are the battery-operated Camping Lights from flashlights to lanterns. The lanterns are nice though because they give off quite a bit of light to the camping area. But for walking back and forth to the camping bathrooms the flashlights come in handy.

When it comes to the latest in lighting technology, you can use the LED lights. It is known to provide much brighter lights with just low power. It may come in lanterns, flashlights, or cranking lights which may come with built-in radios, charger, or solar power. LED lights do not need batteries or fuel to operate, just turn on the crank and it will operate.

Camping Lights Buying Guide

For some campers, they prefer the decorative lights to light their campsites. This is because they want to decorate the campsite with some things that would also light up the area.  Especially during night when they need to go to the comfort room or get some water to drink.

You can buy all sorts of lights. Some people just use Christmas lights or rope lights. You can do a lot with these cheap lights. They also come in a variety of colors. These are easy to string on a campsite with electricity.

There are different shapes and sizes of Camping Lights available in the market now. Some lights are in the shape of fish, flowers, soda cans, Japanese lanterns, ice cubes, colored globes, stick, animals, candies, and many more. You will surely like the designs and even your kids would love it.

camping lights

Campers who are professionals and have gained more experienced regarding setting the campsites and tents may use as much lights as possible as if there is a ‘best campsite’ contest going on. For some campers who are just beginning to explore camping, they may not use more lights.

In addition to the above types of camping lights, the headlamp is also one of the newest additions to the camping lights. This can be used without holding by just strapping it into your head and then you can freely use your two hands to do some carrying or cooking, even in the dark.

Camping without lights would never be fun and memorable, so secure the best lighting resources there could be that can provide lights and serve as decoration as well, before going to the campsite.

About the Author: Ms. Trenut has used lights for her campsite for over 25 years. She uses many different kinds of camping lights including headlamps, flashlights, LEDs as well as her favorite camping lanterns. Visit her store now and enjoy huge savings on the entire store, as well as free shipping and handling.

LED Lanterns vs Traditional Lanterns

If you are one of those die hard outdoor fans, and you love doing outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, or camping, then you should already have as part of your outdoor kit, an LED Lantern . If you don’t have an LED lantern, then get one!

LED Lanterns are becoming a popular commodity for many outdoors fans. Hunters and campers alike are making the switch from your traditional outdoor lanterns, to the more economical and long lasting LED Lantern.

camping lights

You can find some LED Lanterns at very cheap and economical prices. For less than $25, you can own an amazing and long lasting LED Lantern. When I say long lasting, I mean long lasting! These new led lanterns are water and weather resistant. Unlike traditional light bulbs that contain a glass casing and a filament, LED lantern lights do not, which means they are more resistant to breaking.

These rugged, outdoor LED lanterns are also brighter than your traditional lantern. These LED emergency lanterns produce a strong white LED light at a fraction of the energy cost of incandescent light bulbs.

The battery for these LED Lanterns last longer, because LEDs use less power than incandescent light bulbs. These camping led lanterns also have lighting modes that allow you to choose between flickering light and solid lighting. They even have a sensor that allows the lantern to adjust the light, depending on the light available in your surrounding environment.

When looking to purchase an LED lantern you should also inquire about a hand crank mechanism, or LED dynamo lantern that provides emergency power in case the batteries die out. Also available are solar led lanterns, which are powered by the sun, and don’t require batteries.

As mentioned before, also make sure that the lantern has the ability to adjust the light intensity either through different settings or a dimmer switch. This way the lantern can have a dual purpose; it can be used for emergencies and general outdoor use.

So take the initiative and buy an LED Lantern for your next camping or hunting trip. Set the example and take care of the environment.

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