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Bulk Save Attachments from Multiple mails in outlook PST 2021

Softaken Compress PST Tool for Outlook

When using Outlook, you have the option of downloading and Compress PST at once rather than putting each one in a separate directory on your system. In addition to managing the attachments, this uses less time and effort. You will find instructions on how to save every one of the attachments from mails in Outlook at once as well as a method for setting up your computer to autonomously acquire every one of the attachments from all mails into any certain directory.


Outlook allows you to separately save each attachment you receive in a mail to a directory on your system. However, it takes time to save each attachment separately. Thankfully, Outlook also gives users the ability to store every attachment in a certain mail at once.

What happens, though, if you wish to store every email’s attachments? Given that Outlook doesn’t offer an alternative for this kind of task, it can take a long time or perhaps even days if you possess a large number of email.

There may be a number of reasons why you would wish to remove and keep the mail attachments, such as the sake of an investigation, a cloud backup, lowering the size of the MS Outlook file, expanding mailbox capacity, etc.

In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to preserve all mail attachments in MS Outlook 2010/13/16/19 or 2021 in one directory. You’ll also discover a method for quickly and easily saving every one of the attachments from every one of your Outlook emails to a specific directory on your system.

Saving Email Attachments from Several emails in Bulk.

The instructions below should let you store multiple mail attachments from a received message in Outlook.

1. Next, double-click the mail you wish to download the attachments for in Outlook.
2. Identify the mail’s attachments by looking for them and then clicking the down arrow just beside them.
3. Select Save All Attachments in the menu.
4. Click OK after selecting the attachments that you wish to download.
5. Click OK after browsing to the desired place or directory where you want to extract all of the attachments.
6. This will bulk-extract all the chosen attachments to the directory or location of your choice.

As an alternative, you can open a mail and then adhere to the following procedures to preserve all the attachments:

1. To open a mail or message that contains attachments, double-click on it.
2. Select Save Attachments under File.
3. Choose every attachment you wish to preserve. To pick many or a particular attachment for saving, hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key and hit OK.
4. The attachments will be saved when you select a destination and press OK.

Automatic method for exporting all of the attachments.

Use Softaken Compress PST Tool for Outlook to store attachments from several emails in bulk. The programmer can handle MS Outlook attachments as well as PST files in addition to its primary purpose of fixing PST file compression.

The technical edition has a compressed PST file function that effectively takes every one of the attachments from each mail in your Outlook account and places them in a different directory.

The best thing is that because the attachments are connected, you can open them all from the mails.

This allows you to expand mailbox storage, save all mail attachments, and shrink the PST file. Additionally, you can utilize the programmer to recover your mails from damaged or faulty PST files.

These techniques may be used with the Softaken Compress PST Tool for Outlook to mass remove attachments from many emails at once.

You must utilize the Outlook import Export procedure to export the mail items to PST file format if you use an Exchange or Office 365 mail account in Outlook. By doing this, all of the emails will be exported into a PST file, from which we may extract the attachments.

These advantages come with using Softaken Compress PST.

  • The Outlook attachments must be meticulously deleted and stored.
  •  Reducing the size of any unnecessary PST files and deciding whether to split and store attachments are also important steps.
  • Easy emptying of the occupied area.
  • Error-free and simple to use.
  • For a safe transmission without data loss, Microsoft Outlook installation is not required.
  • PST files in ANSI and UNICODE are both usable.
  • If feasible, use a free PST compression application.
  • Current revisions of the operating system are compatible.
  • The capability to remove any PST file from a selected location.
  • No further software is needed.
  • Customer service specialists are on hand 24 hours a day.

Use these straightforward techniques to retrieve all attachments.

  1. Obtain and set up Compress PST Pro Tool.
  2. If you select Add File or directory, you may upload PST files.
  3. Choose a location to put the newly produced PST file.
  4. Select “Remove & store Attachments” as the PST file compression option that best suits your needs.
  5. To begin, press the Start Converting button.


Compression capabilities of the Outlook PST programmer.

Join many PST files together.

If more data is saved in a PST file than is allowed, the file may become corrupt (ANSI – 2GB and Unicode 20 GB). You have the option to delete attachments, zip them up, and save them anywhere you choose on your PC using the smart utility.

Any attachments should be noted and removed.

This process is known as choosing a certain item. A PST file’s attachments can be extracted by the application and kept in a separate directory. You may separate attachments from a PST file in this manner.

It is possible to extract attachments to the specified PST files.

The programmer performs just as you would want. The PST files you’ve chosen are used to extract the attachments. The computer software cannot move even a single step without your directions. It complies with your requests.

It is necessary to delete any PST file attachments.

With the help of the programmer, you may permanently delete just the attachments from a PST file. The original PST file’s size is automatically shrunk while the amount of data storage space is increased.

Job stability

Utilizing the PST Shrink Program is secure. It successfully completes its work. In the process of removing, compacting, or saving an attachment, no data was lost or files were harmed.

Three methods to receive assistance.

The PST Compressor programmer gives you three choices to assist you to achieve your goals.

  • No attachments should be includ.
  • Any attachments should be noted and remove.
  • You should compress, remove, and save any attachments.

Compress, Save, and Remove.

You may use the option to delete the attachments from the selected PST file to store them in a different directory. You may minimize file size by using the Shrink PST software, which eliminates unnecessary cache, unused space, and trash space.

The attachments should be save wherever you like.

Using the Save Attachment feature, the user may save the retrieved attachments at a location of their choosing. To store the extracted data, you can make a new directory.

Unique usefulness.

It can reduce and remove PST file attachments independently of Microsoft Outlook or any other programmer because it is a stand-alone application. Simply use this helpful application to complete the compression process.


The practice of storing attachments in a distinct directory has a number of benefits. Attachments saved in a different directory help Outlook run faster in addition to preserving free mailbox storage and shrinking the PST file size. We’ve discussed a few quick techniques to use Outlook settings and third-party Compress PST tools to save attachments from numerous emails. The application also aids in effectively managing Outlook PST files and repairing them when they sustain harm from corruption.

You may also write a PowerShell command to retrieve attachments from Outlook messages and place them in a certain directory. However, this calls for certain highly technical abilities.

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