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Brother Printer is printing Blank Pages: How do you fix it?

Brother Printer is printing Blank Pages

The most significant features of a high-quality printer is the quality of printouts and the speed of each page that is printed. Brother Printers offer both of these attributes and more at a less expensive cost. Brother Printers Brother Company produces printers that are perfect for the needs of small companies and offices. The printer prints at a high speed and offers a variety of connectivity options , while keeping costs low. Both inkjet and laser printers produce a large number of pages. The necessity to replace the cartridges or ink is reduced. The company makes sturdy printers that are user-friendly and provides practical and effective business solutions through printers. If you find your Brother Printer prints unfilled pages then you have a few solutions to troubleshoot you can try to fix the issue.Otherwise you can also visit Brother printer service center dubai.

What should you do if the printer of your Brother’s printer refuses to print blank pages but won’t print anything?

There could be a myriad of reasons why your printer isn’t able to print. But, there are quick and easy solutions for these issues. A few of them are discuss below.

Verify your connectivity.

One of the most common causes of the printer not printing is a problem in the connectivity of the printer and the computer. If you’re using the USB printer, you should reconnect the cable to your computer or plug it into an alternative USB ports on your laptop, since the original USB port may be inoperative. If you’re using wireless printers, be sure the printer and your system are linked to the same wifi network. This will help you to answer the question why the Brother printer producing empty pages after blank. Check that the Brother printer is selected as the default printer. Your computer could always choose the default printer for printing. It could be because the Brother printer isn’t chosen as the default. Here’s how to alter the settings.

Step 1

Click the Windows logo key and the letter R simultaneously on your keyboard to initiate Run.

Step 2

Write out “control” within the text box, then press “OK.”

Step 3.

The entire control panel can be seen. In this case, you can switch the view option change to “small icons” from the “View by” drop down list. After that, click “Devices or Printers”.

Step 4

Right-click your Brother printer within the Devices and Printers window, and then select “Set as the default printer.”

Restarting the Spooler service for the Printer Spooler service

The Brother printer won’t be able to accept print jobs if Printer Spooler service is dysfunctional.

Step 1

Run the Run box using the Windows logo key, and then pressing R simultaneously.

Step 2

Input “services.msc” and click “OK.”

Step 3.

“Services” window opens and the “Services” window appears and you can right-click on the “Print Spooler” option, then simply choose “restart”.

Step 4

When the Print Spooler Service is restart Refresh the right-click to “Print Spooler” and this time, click “Property”.

Step 5:

“Print Spooler Properties” appears in the “Print Spooler Properties” window in the section titled “startup type”,choose “Automatic” and then click “OK.” Also visit Hp printer repair dubai. 

Utilizing other software to print

It could be that the Brother printer isn’t working on specific applications. It is possible to test this by changing the programs that you currently use to print. If the printer does not start working, it is in the software you’ve been using to print, and for that you should contact the vendor.This can help you figure out why my Brother printer printing pages that are blank in a more efficient way.But If the issue continues to persist then there’s a last solution.

Factory reset of the printer

As a last resort If none of the suggested solutions work, resetting factory settings of your printer could assist. This resets the printer’s settings and wipes out all archives. There are various versions that make up Brother Printers have different steps for reset and you may refer to the official manual for the exact.

Why is My Brother Printer Printing Pages That Are Blank?

Brother Printers are some of the top printers in business. It is only normal for them to end up producing blank documents. The reasons behind why Brother Printer is printing blank pages are as follows. It is simpler to resolve the issue when you understand the root cause. It is therefore recommend to understand the cause of this error and then seek out solution to the problem.

  • Insufficient ink inside the cartridge
  • An improper internet connection
  • The cartridge is not properly install.
  • Ink cartridges of low-quality
  • Wrong printer driver settings
  • Print heads that are dirty

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