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Bringing the Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution ground transportation process into the digital age

At this time, we are noticing that many airlines are communicating the Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution request form via email and PDF documents. We’ve heard this approach of doing things sometimes result in blunders from people who work for airlines and transportation businesses.

Because of this, we strongly advise that the sending of transport manifests through email be discontinued. We advise posting transfers to the system rather than sending an email and PDFs to vendors as a more efficient alternative.

We provide our customers with an online interface through which they can manage as well as upload Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution transportation information. After we have uploaded the reservations, the system will begin its operation and begin sending out the requests. In a short amount of time after that, all of the providers in possibly 900 different destinations obtain their orders.

Establish a connection with the Crew roster system in order to provide hands-free automation

When airlines connect their Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution rosters to their crew transportation system, they immediately begin maximizing efficiency on crew transportation. Even though the terms “automation” and “integrations” conjure up images of complicated processes, we offer a straightforward approach to linking computer systems.

When the roster is connected, any modifications that are made automatically update with the local transportation companies. This will result in a significant decrease in both the amount of work required and the expenditures incurred by airline operations.

Flight attendants’ ground transportation can be tracked using GPS

The use of GPS tracking is an efficient and risk-free technique to monitor the current status of a vehicle and its drivers. You eliminate the need for any guesswork when you track every car using GPS.

We offer an extra advantage in the form of a control staff that is present around the clock. This control team utilises GPS monitoring to keep an eye on all of the riders. The company has already placed an order for a spare vehicle in case one of the drivers is running behind schedule. Customers are not expected to pay for a backup vehicle, as it goes without saying.

Maintain an up-to-date record for the Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution

When a member of the flight Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution exits the aircraft, it is essential for them to be aware of their next destination. Everyone is aware that terminals can be difficult to get around in, and following a long travel, all you want to do is get to the crew hotel and get some rest.

What we’ve noticed is that communicating the specifics of the transport with the Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution is frequently neglected. Because of this, the crew has a chance of becoming stranded, at which point they will be required to place a call to operations control centre. Alternately, we observe that the team needs to phone the local transportation supplier, who can have an answering time that is greater than ten minutes.

As a result, when we arrive at a company, we have the choice of informing the staff of the specifics of the pickup. When we transmit a message, it contains information on the driver, the pickup spot, and the location of the GPS tracking device. It is essential to be aware that all of your contact information is secure within our systems, and that A company complies with all of the GDPR’s standards. We also have the choice of sending all of the information to a centralised email address provided by the airline, through where it will be distributed to the Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution.

Contracts for the transportation of Crew members should be renegotiated

It is a hassle for everyone involved to have to revisit the negotiating table in order to rework an agreement with a vendor or service. Nobody wants to be bound by the conditions of a contract that’s not current with the circumstances at hand, and no one wants to be the one working under those terms.

Life, alas, is not without its imperfections. There may be times when there is no other choice but to restart the negotiation process in the expectation of achieving a more favourable outcome.

When an airline works with a company, the company is able to take advantage of flexible pre-negotiated pricing for requests made at the last minute. In order to provide airlines with the most competitive fares possible, the rates for the routes are regularly revised.

Make use of a template for a single invoice

Transportation for airline Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution members has always been described as “tough to get a grip on.” Because of the market’s fragmented form, which includes a large number of providers and a variety of payment methods. Despite recent leaps in technological capability, it is still necessary to use paper taxi receipts for the foreseeable future.

However, here at our company, we’ve noticed that supplying airlines with the invoice template of their choice helps them save a significant amount of time performing administrative tasks.

Export all data sets with a single mouse-click

It is common knowledge that looking at data provides a clearer picture of any potential problems. If there are any locations where the pick-up is not proceeding according to plan, or if there is city where the expenses are greater than expected, please let us know. You need to be able to bring attention to any problems that arise in your role as manager of AirportCrew TransportationManagement Solution transportation. Because of this, using our system only a single click of the mouse to transfer your data.

This allows you to communicate significant volumes of ride data between the company and your own systems in a relatively short length of time.

How can we ensure that the ground transportation for the Covid-19 Crew is safe?

If you notify your local provider on the most recent safety requirements, you can ensure that you have a secure airport transfer. Varied nations have different regulations regarding the ground transportation of airline Airport Crew Transportation Management Solution members.


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