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Best TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

Best TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

You don’t want to find anything missing from your bag when you board a plane to explore new cities. TSA agents are the only ones allowed to inspect your bag. However, your bag can be passed by numerous baggage agents from many airlines before it passes through TSA. TSA-approved luggage lock is the best.

Many people have been the victims of other people stealing their luggage between the time they check it and when they pick them up at the arrival carousel.

TSA-approved luggage locks are the best. They will stay securely in your bag and keep anyone from getting into it except TSA agents. There are many options available, just like any other piece of travel gear.

This guide will not only discuss all you should think about before buying your next luggage lock, but it also lists all of the top travel luggage locks available. Find the current location pin code.

What you should look for in a good luggage lock?

These are some important things to remember when shopping for a new luggage lock.

1. Type of lock

There are many lock options available. However, everyone has their own preferences. As long as it has a TSA-approved or red triangle, it should be safe to take with you. Check out what is my zip code and search zip codes.

  • Combination Lock:

If you don’t like having to keep track of keys, combination locks can be a great option. This lock is easy to remember if you can remember three- or four-digit combinations.

  • Key Lock: 

This lock can be opened with a traditional key. You must ensure that the lock is not lost or damaged if the key is lost. You can choose to have your key lock open from the bottom of the front. Both options work well. It’s a matter of personal preference.

  • Strap Lock: 

These locks are a better alternative to the short cable and wrap around your luggage. They can be opened with a combination. These locks are preferred by many travelers because they not only secure your bag with a lock but also the strap wraps around the bag tight so that if the zipper is broken the strap will keep the bag closed.

  • Cable Lock: 

These locks can be equipped with a combination lock or key, as well as a longer cable. These locks are great if your luggage needs to be stored in a secure location, such as a hotel baggage storage area or a train luggage area. You can use the cable to attach your bag to a fixed object to give you some security when it is needed.

  • Seal Lock: 

Many people think even TSA-approved locks can still be damaged. Seals can be a great alternative. They are single-use and relatively inexpensive. These look similar to zip ties but have unique codes that allow you to quickly identify if someone has opened the seal or searched your bag. You can remove the seal with your hand when you return your bag. These bags are popular with travelers because they don’t require a combination or key.

2. Size

Although the lock won’t add much weight to your luggage it will be easy to use.

It is more important to have the zipper holes the right size than the lock’s cables. The cord should fit in your zipper holes. A strap lock that does not need to pass through the zipper holes of a smaller suitcase is an option.

3. Durability

As the lock will be used to transport luggage, go through security and move around on the plane, you need to ensure it is strong. Both the lock’s material and the cable must withstand baggage abuse.

  • TSA Compatible Travel Lock by Sure-Lock

This is one of the most trusted TSA travel locks due to its durability, strength, and convenience features. The Sure-Lock TSA Compatible Travel Luggage Lock features a strong alloy body and stainless steel interior lock mechanisms that won’t freeze or rust. The dials are easy to read and you will create a 3-digit combination before locking the 4-inch cable. 

If your bag is subject to inspection by TSA agents, they will need to unlock the lock again to get their master key. A red indicator with a pop-up will also be visible on your lock. This lets you know that your bag has been checked and you can inspect it before you leave the airport. The Sure-Lock TSA Compatible Travel Baggage Lock will protect your luggage no matter what kind it is.

  • Forge TSA Luggage Combination lock

The Forge TSA Combination Lock, which is rated as the most robust luggage lock available, is the ideal lock for protecting your valuable baggage. It is easy to enter your 3-digit combination before you travel to the airport. This lock makes it so that, even if TSA agents open the lock to inspect your bag they will have to relock it in order to be able to take their master key.

  • Anvil TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Anvil has created the most effective travel luggage locks available. The Anvil TSA Approved luggage lock is larger than other brands and can be used to secure anything, including purses, duffel bags, and more. It is more difficult for thieves to crack the four-digit combination lock than a three-digit one. TSA agents will need to lock your luggage back after opening the lock with their master key. The Anvil TSA Approved Baggage Lock is a great option if you want to protect more than your checked luggage.

  • Lumintrail TSA Approved Cable Luggage Lock

You get security and flexibility with the Lumintrail TSA-approved Cable Luggage Lock. It is a 3-digit combination lock with the ability to require a TSA agent in order to unlock it. It also comes with a 4-foot steel cable to add security. This allows you to attach your bag to a fixed object. This is a great choice if your bag is not in plain sight when you travel by train. Although this lock is intended for indoor use, you can also use it for cabinets and computer bags.

  • Pick Proof Seals Locks TSA Approved by the TSA

These seals can be used to deter people from stealing your stuff. These locks are similar to a zip tie and have unique IDs that will let you know who has been in your bag, replaced the seal, etc. No combination of keys is required. Simply lock your zippers and then remove the verify tab with the matching codes. You can remove the seal by hand once you have reached your destination. A pack contains 20 seals. Pick Proof Seals TSA-approved locks can be damaged or broken by TSA agents or baggage agents all too often. This makes them an excellent alternative.

  • TSA approved dimple key travel lock by Forge

The Forge TSA Approved TSA Dimple Key Travel Lock may be the best TSA luggage lock. This lock features a hardened steel tumbler and an advanced dimple key. All keys included in the package will work on each lock. This lock will ensure that your luggage is not left open or spilled. The TSA agent must unlock the lock to take the key out. These locks are ideal for checking luggage but they also work well in public places to keep people from your stuff. Consider adding the Forge TSA Approved Dimple Key Travel Lock to your backpack, briefcase, or another travel bag.

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