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Best Things About Remote Design Sprint

In terms of thinking about a design sprint

In terms of thinking about a design sprint, professionals often imagine a room having colorful walls covered in colorful sticky notes, accompanied by numerous cross-functional teams with sodas, snacks, and coffee dressed casually.

Their main job; collaborating and problem solving together across a paper-strewn room with a boardroom-style table, which can go on for days or even months, and maybe years.

Yet, the original vision of Design Sprints is outlined in Jake Knapp’s Sprint Book. Since then, it evolved to a whole new level in 2016. Back then, he had made it clear about co-location being an integral part of the process.
Now, remote offices are popping up and are globally distributed. So are the teams and are gaining popularity.

Moreover, getting together in one location is expensive and isn’t feasible for some. However, remote working has its pitfalls too.

The younger workforce in America is helping remove the traditional face-time needed by traditional brick-and-mortar employers. Yet, it is still in function. The world is also witnessing the emergence of powerful digital cloud-based tools that have made remote work effective and possible.

Now it is time to see the benefits of conducting Remote Design Sprints and the tools used for delivering them.

Three good things about Remote Design Sprints

A lot of mobile app development firms carry out in-person Design Sprints for an array of clients across the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and other parts of the globe. They also like having the chance to understand clients deeply over the course of numerous meetings and mid-Sprint meetups too.

However, things are usually not always in favor of a co-located Design Sprint at the time it is really needed. Professionals have observed that Remote Design Sprints provide the same outcomes as in-person Sprints and additionally they offer some interesting benefits.

Flexibility for participants

Remote Design Sprint removes the need for everyone to travel to one central location. It helps in freeing up hours before and after the Sprint through the elimination of commuting (for working couples and single parents, it proved to be quite beneficial).

Moreover, it allows participants who have different abilities, mobility issues, and other problems so they can attend meetings easily. Such a sprint widens the participant pool across various locations, thus raising the diversity.

They are affordable to execute

Remote Design Sprints help eliminate:

  • Hotel, Food, and Travel costs.
  • The expense of physical supplies.
  • The urge to rent or secure a boardroom for a certain time period.
  • The need to spend a lot of time after the Sprint transferring paperwork to digital files and spreadsheets.

Real-time documentation

Remote Sprints are documented and recorded in real-time. Moreover, Digital notes and sticky notes are permanently accessible. The path to Sprint results and decisions can be easily shared with non-participants after the Sprint.

Those who have desired to be a part of a Design Sprint but were hesitant due to logistics issues are now in luck. Professionals from a mobile app development company in Dubai are hopeful that they can be part of such a team now.

Once they have conducted a design sprint, the results produced are quite valuable in a short time span (i.e. 5 days). Professionals will indeed be grateful and happy that they decided to make one such session happen.

Tools used for running Remote Design Sprints

Now is the time for people to learn about the tools used for carrying out Remote Design Sprints that have really driven it to the point of excellence:


Miro is an online Whiteboard and a cloud-based collaboration tool that helps enable real-time communication around a shared workspace that can be accessed on any device.


Zoom is a cloud-based video tool used for web conferencing. It can be used on phones, tablets, and computers with ease.


Invision is a cloud-based tool that enables rich prototype conception and creation. It helps polish the existence of real mobile apps and the like.


Without a doubt, Remote Design Sprints can be wonderful. Yet, it would be wise for this method to be used if there is a legitimate concern regarding employees’ issues in arriving at a location on time. Somehow, app development professionals hope it can bless the app development process with a lot of goodness and enlightenment.

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