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Best site to upload videos and make money

Best site to upload videos and make money

When it comes to making money from home or online, we have many ways to get started. You can make money through forum posting, freelance writing, blogging, logo design, Fiverr, and more. For many of them, you need to have specific skills, and in some of them, you can use your social engineering skills and make money. Today, I will share about video-sharing sites that will let you make money. Since videos and images can go viral at any time, if you are someone who can make great videos, these video income-sharing sites will add a lot to your passive income. This type of revenue-sharing website is becoming very popular nowadays.

These video-sharing sites work on a simple PPV or revenue sharing model They give you space to host your videos and in return, they run ads on it. They now share ad revenue with video publishers. Or some of them work with PPV models. They will pay you depending on how many views your video can get. In short, if you know how to hold a camera and create unique and engaging videos, you are well on your way to making money from video-sharing sites.

We’ve talked about some of the features of video blogging and viral video marketing. Now, if you are an independent video producer or a vidone production company, you can always use these video-sharing sites to make money.

Here we will tell you the 5 best video sharing sites were making money online by sharing videos is no less interesting.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most accessible options on this list, and getting started is so easy that even novices should have no problem setting up their own channel.

It’s important to remember that YouTube doesn’t pay you directly to upload videos.

Instead, once you have enough viewers, you can become a YouTube Partner and monetize the ads that run on your videos.

Grow your channel and eventually, you can partner with brands that will pay you to upload sponsored videos for them. Many people make a full-time living from YouTube. While you may not be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program in the first place, keep uploading and once you’ve got enough views you’ll be able to monetize your videos.

While YouTube doesn’t say how much video producers make, online reports show that for every 1,000 views, YouTubers earn between $25,25 and $7. You pay through your AdSense account.

2. Dailymotion

For anyone looking to pay to upload videos on a non-competitive platform like YouTube, Dailymotion is a strong choice. The site gives you all the tools you need to upload videos and monetize them

Dailymotion has an income-sharing program that helps a lot for video makers.

Once you become a partner, you can promote your content through the Dailymotion channel and start monetizing your uploaded videos.

Basically, you make money from the ads that appear before, during, or after the video.  This means that the more views your video gets, the more revenue you will earn. You can earn extra money by embedding your videos on your own websites – all you need to do is verify your domain.

When you reach 100, the money will be credited to your bank account.

3. Metacafe

Update: Metacafe is down. There is a new site (VideosHub.com) that contains all the videos but they don’t pay for uploading.

Metacafe is another YouTube-like video site where people can share different types of videos. Like YouTube, the site has a partner program that you can join to monetize your videos.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is more suitable for professional videographers and filmmakers.  If you are a filmmaker, you should consider joining Vimeo Pro.

With this you can start selling videos directly to your fans You will be able to keep 90% of the revenue after transaction costs.

5. Facebook

With Facebook, you can monetize your videos with in-stream ads. In-stream ads help eligible video producers to monetize by including short videos or image ads ineligible videos.

To be eligible, you need a Facebook page instead of a profile. You can learn more about eligibility on the page linked above.

6. Twitch

If you enjoy playing video games, try Twitch. This is a streaming platform where you can play live stream games from games like Fortnite, Among Us, and Minecraft.

You can make money through Twitch Contributors, and if you grow your channel significantly, you may end up becoming a Twitch partner.

According to CNBC, people who stream on Twitch earn between $3,000 and $5,000 a month.

7. Brightkove

The Brightcove listing is a bit more complicated than the other options so it’s more suitable for those who are very tech-savvy. There you will find a complete hosting tool that can help you to distribute and monetize videos.

Advertising is the main way to pay for your videos through Brightcove.

You can insert ads into your videos and monetize them Now, compared to YouTube, Brightcove gives video makers more control over how ads are used in their videos. You can choose when you want to run ads or insert banners and video overlays.

Video sites used to pay for uploads

When we first wrote this article (several years ago), the list of sites that pay for video got even bigger. Some of these sites no longer exist or have changed their business models

  • Blip. tv
  • CustomFlix (now called CreateSpace)
  • Felix
  • Vacation
  • Revver
  • Atom Films
  • Stop thinking

Yes, you can actually pay to upload videos! Try these sites out and you can even earn a full-time income from your videos. For more information visit site:vidone.net 


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