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Best Quality Vinyl Record Pressing In Melbourne

If you need a gift for someone who abides by the trends, what could be better than a custom vinyl record pressing with a high cool factor? But, buying a vinyl record now is different from when records shops were universal. There’s a booming, dynamic and widely accepting community of vinyl enthusiasts worldwide. Impress Vinyl provides Best Quality Vinyl Record Pressing In Melbourne.

It’s fun to collect them, especially when you’re an audiophile. The custom vinyl pressing is somehow more personal than digital music. Nothing beats the old, warm and atypical sound of a vinyl record placed on a turntable. However, pressing vinyl introduces a cost that is mostly inaccessible to developing artists.

To ensure the best quality, a vinyl collector knows the touch and feel by removing, placing, flipping, inserting and perusing various materials aspects of the packaging. In this way, vinyl records aren’t merely owned and heard but felt and engaged.

There are a few ways to check for quality vinyl

Vinyl fans love to hear their favourite artist music on vinyl; after all,
when a pressing plant works best to look beautiful with sound quality, it will add extra to the listening experience.

Nonetheless, customer interest in custom vinyl record pressing is undoubtedly something to celebrate. The vinyl record melbourne community has a growing concern surrounding quality control. This worrying trend needs preaching in a world where music is sold free, and custom vinyl records are premium products with experience.

Requirements before pressing your vinyl

  • An experienced sound engineer must master the sound emitting through a vinyl record. Each vinyl is compulsory to transmit a compressed file in ZIP or RAR file and note the side you want to master.
  • The graphics and designing of the vinyl record must be completed and transmitted before pressing. The visual representation of the cover also plays a vital role in the music universe of an artist or a label.
  • Ensure sales and distribution management by setting up catalogue or bar code as company standards.
  • The custom graphic designs and sound performance will make vinyl an unrivalled medium.

Different vinyl formats and their weights

Different Vinyl formats are used by Melbourne vinyl pressing as per customer needs, below are the three most widely used formats:
1. Format 7″:6 minutes of maximum listening time on each side
2. Format 10″:12 minutes of maximum listening time on each side
3. Format 12″:18 minutes of maximum listening time on each side

The weight of a vinyl record ranges from 120 grams to 200 grams. A 140 and 180 grams are two of the most famous weights that vinyl records come in.

Many big record labels switched to 120-140 gram vinyl pressings because they are cheaper to produce. By reducing the weight, you make compromises. The best custom record vinyl pressing is on the weight spectrum’s heavier end. A 180-gram pressing won’t magically make lousy mixing and mastering sound good.

When looking for vinyl record pressing Melbourne, consider if your listeners will be happy with a lower weight or worth the extra cost to build 180 grams.

People who buy many vinyl records can distinguish between lightweight vinyl and heavier records. A 40 grams difference doesn’t seem much, but it is almost 30% heavier.

If you hold many records, you’ll know when you hold a heavier record. A record shop might inspire someone to buy your record over another. Most audiophiles might weigh the record and agree that 180g records are the best format, far more promising than 140g models.

RPM speeds

Different vinyl formats run on different speeds called “revolution per minute.” Though it’s hard to be confident, there are other signifying signs of quality vinyl. 45 RPM playback speeds tend to be sounder; in the same way, faster tape speeds are better.

In terms of value, 45’s are often more expensive than 33 ⅓ RPM records.

If a custom vinyl record pressing “from the original analogue master”, this can be another great sign that it will sound good on vinyl.
It’s always a good idea to check out custom vinyl records Australia and their track record using similar websites and tools.

Best quality vinyl record pressing in Melbourne

New vinyl or recycled

Recycled vinyl records have more of a dull grey look to them.
Vinyl records that don’t sell or damage can be recycled. When everyone would employ an LP record as their preliminary way of listening to music, custom vinyl record companies and record stores were motivated to send unsold vinyl records back to be recycled.

Recycled vinyl is only the factor, but there are scientific reasons why new vinyl is better. New vinyl means the record is its first use. Vinyl is likely to have more flaws when recycled. Some individuals complain that the label won’t go off when recycled.

A lot goes into how a record sounds, from recording the music to mixing, mastering, and pressing the record. Even a slight defect can negatively affect the sound.

Blemishes on your brand new record. Recycled vinyl is another area that splits belief. It does not imply that the record will sound wrong. Yet, using new custom vinyl records Australia is a sign to buyers that you’ve prioritized the audio quality and clarity to enjoy a soothing experience.

Surface noise

Part of the charm of vinyl is the way it looks and feels to many collectors. Some people love how they look, and others like plain black vinyl. Music fans rarely universally settle on anything.

The result is more surface noise because manufacturing a picture disc uses the same vinyl as the base. And there is a printed picture latched in place by Polyethylene Foil and numerous materials piled up instead of pure vinyl.

There is still a demand for picture disc vinyl, and good custom vinyl records Australia can still do an excellent job on them. It just might not sound entirely as good as pure vinyl.

Manufacture date

vinyl pressing australia, still sound surprisingly crisp and clear when printed as picture discs. As we’ve already cited, there are more important things, such as starting with a well-mixed and well-mastered audio file to start.

If you’re buying older vinyl, check the year. Try to get original prints, and reproductions often come from a digital source, which is a bit of a pity if you’re transferring it to an analogue medium, like vinyl. You can also lookup the company that created the vinyl.

Next, you can check the grain count. You can assume it’s 120g, which is standard. High-quality records are often 180g. It means that they’re slightly thicker and will last longer.

Due to the pandemic, the newer generations embrace, and older generations are re-embracing the format for the very reason they were put down for years: fragility and contact.

The price for a disc varies slightly from one service to another, but it depends partly on the total time to burn and the options chosen like colour, weight, shape, materials.

So many hours and days go into making an album and producing a custom vinyl record pressing. And obtaining the pressing right is essential to show off your music’s sonic quality and dynamic range. Melbourne vinyl pressing offers top-notch custom vinyl records distributed through retail stores and direct sales in and around Australia.  Talk to our vinyl expert now.

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