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Best Offbeat Places To Visit In Bengaluru


The city of Bengaluru is stretching as the area is being developed. The carefully planned city is filled with more than 1200 gardens all over and innumerable cafes at every nook. Every inch of this city is occupied. There is something about the offbeat places which makes them subtly stand out and unique. The lesser people know about a place, the better the experience of visiting it gets. 

Bidarakatte Trek

Bidarakatte is located on Savandurga road which later meets the base trek point of Savandurga. Since most of the weekend trekkers opt for Savandurga hill, Bidarakatte is often overlooked. The region is not so big, the trek trail is simple and short unlike Kodachadri. This is a natural preserve area perfect for picnics and a quiet time. There is a standalone structure of an ancient temple surrounded by lush green trees and an open sky. 

Drive-in Theaters

Have the luxury of watching movies in your own car under a starry sky. The drive-in theatre in Bangalore is offering some of the blockbuster movie screenings for all movie lovers. Bring your own snack from home or buy at the food corner. In this theater you will not suffer from the noisy phone call guy or the annoying seat kicker. You will be at liberty to watch the movie in your own space and zone. 

Model Village

The significance of museums in today’s day and age is decreasing at an alarming rate. This institute strives to preserve the history and culture of Karnataka and its people. It is fundamental to grow and develop while still being connected to your roots. The place offers a real life depiction of ancient houses, people, their clothes and their lifestyle back in the day. There is a model village section portraying the simple lifestyle of villagers of Karnataka.  

Handi Gundi Trek

This is a hush trek trail within Bangalore. It is located in the outskirts of Bengaluru apt for monsoon adventure, it is a quaint hill covered in lush greenland and white clouds around it. There are many mountain peaks and sunset viewpoints nearby. It is about 44 kms from Bengaluru but close to Ramanagara district.


Ramanagara is a peaceful district neighbouring Bengaluru. Unlike Bengaluru, the district is filled with adventure camps and wildlife parks. There are no high-end luxurious malls or hotels in this district. This is an indirect attempt to bring you closer to nature and detox. The region is known for being the Silk Capital of India. Ramanagara district exports silkworms and silk cocoons all over India and the world too. There is a silk cocoon market where rigorous auctions take place between farmers and buyers, a sight to see. 

Rangarayana Doddi Lake

Not so far from Silk Cocoon Market, this pristine lake offers beautiful sunset points. The lake is bordered by a pathway on one side where you can take long walks early in the morning or in the evening. The pathway then leads to an open grassland filled with flowers and a small rock where you can hike to get to the top. The lake area is well maintained and even offers boating for tourists. 

Agrahara Waterfalls

These falls are hidden towards the northern outskirts of Bengaluru. Located 67kms from Bengaluru city centre, the place is an empty open area with gushing cold water. There is a structure built above the linear waterwall which is underwater during monsoons whereas during summers, you can sit and enjoy the sunset. Monsoon is the best season to visit if you want to truly experience the force of water and nature.

Avalahalli Forest

The forest is known for birdwatching. There are no special requirements to enter the place, just take your cycle and start riding. This gorgeous piece of land is just 25 kms away from Bengaluru main city. One can opt to ride a cycle to this forest, walk amidst the natural trail in the forest, hike the nearby hills and come home fully satisfied after a day well spent. The Jarakabande Kaval Butterfly Garden and Ethnobotanical Garden are situated in the forest premises. 

These are some not so offbeat places in Bengaluru which deserve a mention. Jawahar Bal Bhavan is a children’s theatre which is famous for its amusement park and a toy train. The place remains closed on Mondays and second tuesdays. Thavakkal Mastan Saab Dargah is a Dargah of Sufi saint Thavakkal Mastan. It is often associated with the Karaga festival as the procession always stops here to pay respect before it proceeds to the temple of Dharmarayana, an ecstatic sight to behold between people of different faiths.

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