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Best Multivitamin Tablets for Hair Growth

Nowadays, every second person asks what is good for hair growth and thickness? We would suggest taking the best multivitamin tablets for hair growth. Healthy, long, and luscious hair indeed depicts beauty, but it also reflects your physical health. When we get any nutrient deficiency, hair thinning, hair fall, hair loss, or stunted hair growth will occur. Therefore, it becomes important to add the best supplements for hair growth and thickness to your daily diet and meet the nutrients requirement for hair health support. When you search for multivitamins tablets for online shopping in Pakistan, you may find a long list of vitamin supplements. Therefore, it gets complicated to choose the best hair supplement for women and men during Amazon shopping in Pakistan. Don’t worry. We brief you about the best multivitamin tablets for hair growth in Pakistan.

We enlist below the vitamins that help healthy hair growth and the vitamins that cause hair loss. Read ahead and make your body health supportive of your hair health.

Best Vitamins for hair growth:

Many factors influence and affect hair health, e.g., genetics, stress, hormones, and nutrition. According to various studies, some deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can interrupt healthy hair cell growth. Thus, it is important to keep a check on your nutritional deficiencies to avoid stunted hair growth, hair loss, or any hair-related issue. Here we enlist some vital vitamins that you should check in the ingredient list of multivitamin tablets for hair growth.

1.      Vitamin B7 or Biotin:

You must be heard about the incredible benefits of Biotin for hair, nail, and skin. This hype is actually worth it because biotin plays a vital function in keratin production. Keratin is the major hair component that makes the hair strong from the roots. Therefore, it is important to boost keratin production to ensure healthy and strong hair. Moreover, this vitamin B complex also supports carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots and follicles to promote healthy growth. Therefore, almost all hair growth tablets for women have biotin in their composition. The natural sources of Vitamin B7 are Milk, Salmon, Eggs, Almonds, and Bananas.

2.      Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is beneficial for hair growth if you take it in a moderate amount, but it can start hair loss if you consume too much of it. Moreover, the deficiency of vitamin A can also lead to hair loss. Therefore, it is essential to keep it in check to promote your hair health. You will find Vitamin A as Retinol, Retinoic Acid, Provitamin A, or Retinal in the ingredients list of the hair growth supplements. They work by activating the hair follicle stem cells to stimulate hair growth. The dietary picks for vitamin A include leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, orange veggies, and yellow veggies.

3.      Vitamin C

You must hear about the benefits of vitamin C for boosting immunity. Now, also add hair health benefits to its benefits list. Vitamin C is known to promote blood flow throughout the body, including the scalp. The boosted blood flow to the scalp helps activate hair follicles to improve hair growth. Therefore, the best multivitamins tablets for hair growth must have vitamin C in their formula.

4.      Iron:

Iron deficiency is one of the common reasons for hair loss in women. It actually works to bring oxygen and nutrients to stem cells of hair follicles. If your body does not have enough iron, the lesser oxygen will be delivered which leads to hair loss. Therefore, iron should be checked and consumed to ensure the hair’s strength for better and faster growth. The dietary options include red meat, lentils, spinach, etc.

5.      Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays important role in producing keratin, which is the major hair component. Its deficiency leads to weak hair, hair fall, and stunted growth. It also helps create new hair follicles to give voluminous, healthy, and luscious hair. You will naturally find it in seeds, bluefish, cheese, green veggies, etc.

6.      Keratin

Keratin is an essential component of hair, skin, and nail. It is naturally available in the body, but we need additional supplementation if the body gets its deficiency. You will find many keratin supplements online from Amazon in Pakistan. However, the multivitamin tablets for hair growth will be the best option if it also contains keratin in their formula. The natural sources include eggs, meats, fish, beans, etc.

Best Multivitamin Tablets for Hair Growth:

You may now know all the essential ingredients that should be available in the best hair growth multivitamins. Still, the overwhelming list of brands and their formula may confuse you in choosing the one. Therefore, we suggest a few of the best here for your ease.

1.      Viviscal Women’s Hair Growth Supplement:

The potent formula of Viviscal tablets is designed to meet all nutrient deficiencies that cause hair loss. It has a drug-free formula, so you can also count it as one of the best herbal supplements for hair growth. The hair thinning, hair breakage, hair fall, and other hair damages can easily undo when you start consuming it daily. It claims that the hair fall will visibly reduce as soon as three months of regular use. Many of its reviews also show its incredible result in improving overall hair health.

2.      Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Supplement:

Nutrafol has formulated the best hair health support formula, as it contains all of the above-mentioned nutrients in its composition. They have clinically approved that hair fall get reduced exceptional within only six months. The drug-free formula makes it completely safe and beneficial for nutrients deficient women.

3.      Nature’s Bounty Biotin:

If you want an improve hair health with nail and skin health, you can choose the biotin supplement by Nature’s Bounty. The vitamin B complex ensures the healthy growth of hair while making them strong, nourishing, and luscious. Moreover, it also benefits your nervous system, endurance, and metabolism.

Hopefully, now it gets simple for you to pick the best multivitamin tablets for hair growth. So, why delay? Support your hair health by improving your nutritional intake with the best supplements.


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