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Best Hospital in Pakistan for Pediatrics Treatment

Everyone loves children, the homes with children are filled with joy and happiness. The lives of people who have children revolve around them. Even if you are an uncle or an aunt of a child. You will relate that children bring joy to everyone’s life. No matter how mischievous they are and how much they annoy you with their questions. You always miss them when they are not around. So if they get sick you should always visit the best hospital in Pakistan for their treatment.

All the children are the power ball of energy. And nobody wants their child to lose this energy in any case. It can be very difficult to see your child being sick. Sometimes when babies and toddlers get sick they can’t even tell what is bothering them the most. And you can just see them cry and cry. This is a very difficult situation for every parent. This is why consulting a good pediatrician is very important.

Who are pediatricians?

Pediatricians are doctors specialized in the healthcare of children, adolescents, and young adults. A regular internal medicine specialist cannot treat children, a doctor needs a specialization to treat children with any sickness. Children are different from adults, you can’t give the same medicine to a child which you take yourself. It can react very badly and can risk a child’s health even more.

Every best hospital in Pakistan has a pediatrics department. A pediatrician helps parents to understand what kind of food their child should take. What can be the things to avoid and what can you do to boost your child’s immunity. A pediatrician is the first one you contact whenever something happens to your child. It is very important to have one good pediatrician who knows your child’s history from birth. And with whom your child is comfortable.

What do pediatricians do?

Pediatricians treat children with their illnesses. You cannot consult a regular physician with your child’s sickness. A pediatrician diagnoses and treats children with their health problems. Every hospital in Pakistan should have pediatricians who provide the following services:

  •         A regular physical examination.
  •         Help you to boost your child’s immunity.
  •         Diagnose and treat child sickness, infections, and injuries.
  •         Give suggestions for how you can prevent your child from common ailments and infections.
  •         Get your child vaccinated.
  •         Give the nutrition plan for the child.
  •         Keep checking that the child is growing and developing according to his age.

Types of pediatricians  

There are different types of pediatricians who specialize to treat different age groups and different situations. Many pediatricians usually work as primary care pediatrics who diagnose and treat regular sicknesses and viral infections. While there are some other pediatricians who are specialized in different ranges of medical cases for children. But unfortunately, not every hospital in Pakistan has these pediatricians. These are some types of pediatricians:

Critical care pediatricians:

These pediatricians are specialized in treating critical conditions of children. Usually, they work in the intensive care units. Where the most crucial cases are admitted and which need emergency and extra care.

Adolescent medical specialist:

These pediatricians are specialists to treat adolescents around 12-18 years old. This is a growing age and can have different health issues for children and toddlers.

Developmental behavioral pediatricians:

These pediatricians specialize in dealing with a child’s growth and development. Some children don’t develop according to their age. These pediatricians find out the reasons why a child is lacking in development. And then treats them according to their needs.

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Child abuse pediatricians:

Child abuse is a very serious and sensitive issue. We should deal with this with extra care and sensitivity. Not everyone can deal with such issues, children who go through this trauma cannot talk to anyone. There has to be someone who can make them comfortable. Child abuse pediatricians are specialists to deal with those kids who suffer from such issues.

Where to go for pediatric treatment

There are many big hospitals in Pakistan and clinics of good pediatricians. But if you are from Multan Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital has the best pediatricians among all the other hospitals in Multan. They have a very well-equipped pediatrics department and qualified doctors. And have a 24 hours pediatrician available for emergency situations. They provide regular sessions with children for check-ups and to follow up for the development growth of children.

They also offer newborn hearing screening tests and newborn assessments. which are very important for newborns.  And they also provide pediatric diabetes treatment and allergies diagnostics. All these services make MASH one of the best hospitals in Pakistan and the best hospital in Multan.    

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