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Best Cafes & Restaurants In Jodhpur You Must Visit

Jodhpur has been a part of its royal traditions from a time not yet known and the oomph of the city isn’t restricted to the stunning beauty of the city. the delicious food isn’t less. The authentic food of Jodhpur is certain to give a savory taste to your taste buds, however, the city has more to offer than just authentic food. There are some great cafes in Jodhpur which you should check out while within the city. They don’t just serve mouth-watering meals but also a wonderful moment with your loved family members. Below is a list of cafes within the city you should visit:

The cafes with a view

Beyond the monuments and markets in the city that is blue Jodhpur, There are many concept cafes. Many of these cafes are within the narrow alleys of the city, yet they offer an amazing view that is stunning. Along with the breathtaking view, they also entice guests, they serve up vibrant food options from their diverse menus. So, keep your camera close at hand and your stomach full while exploring these spots.

Nirvana house rooftop restaurant

Nirvana House Rooftop RestaurantThis hidden Cafes InJodhpur just 300 meters from Jodhpur’s famed Clock Tower. Since the restaurant is part of the temple’s premise the walls and pillars are elaborate and colorful and adorned with 150-year-old artworks of the tales of Ramayana. The restaurant is divided into two areas that include an indoor dining space, and a rooftop.

The pots outside the restaurant give character to the establishment and provide an outdoor garden that compliments the overall design and decor. In the midst of the stunning view of the city as well as the Mehrangarh fort, guests can indulge in the exquisite dishes from European and Chinese food styles. The dishes are prepared using pure, fresh ingredients, and served with freshly baked naan straight out of the oven.

Cafe Royal 

This cafe is located within the pulsating center of Jodhpur. This cafe is the perfect spot to have a cappuccino and the addition of a Belgian waffle while you watch the city’s carnival move through. You can enjoy the bustle of the city through the windows of this café while grabbing off a quick bite for yourself or enjoying peace with your significant other. The cafe is small and intimate with a limited seating area and menu choices. But, the food is excellent as are the employees who manage the establishment.

Cafe 651

Take a break at the small and cozy cafe after a day of shopping on the streets in Jodhpur. Interiors at the café are modern and stylish, and the menu is tiny and tidy. But every item on the menu is unique and you don’t have to be concerned about what to select. They make their drinks with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. The owner is passionate about food and often cooks the food himself. Choose from the menu. It’s authentic and the portions are excellent. Certain brewing techniques and coffee flavors are adventurous and will be a delight for anyone looking to taste something more than usual.


This beautiful jewel of the best restaurants in jodhpur for couples is located within the premises of the Raas Hotel. Raas. A tranquil restaurant that is surrounded by lush greenery in the dusty and crowded streets of Jodhpur. The modern-day terrace that is located above the stables of the past is lit with candles, as the Mehrangarh fort is atop it. The place is more popular for dining out where you can view the fort’s illuminating fort from above as well as below the Haveli area below. Prices can be expensive but they are certainly worth the ambiance. The quality and presentation of food are more important than the size of the portion that is served. The herbs and vegetables are believed to be specially grown for the restaurant while the ingredients are sourced from the famous Delhi markets. Finding this secret paradise could be difficult, so it’s a good idea to keep your Google map close by.

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