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Benefits of Using Restaurant Scheduling Software

Benefits of Using Restaurant Scheduling Software

Accounting, scheduling, and inventory management for restaurants are all integrated and automated by restaurant management software. Worker scheduling software is an internet system that allows restaurant owners to generate weekly and monthly schedules for their businesses quickly and easily. In general, this software is simple and easy to use. It also provides real-time updates if employees decide to switch shifts.

Staffing is a top challenge for 51% of restaurant operators, so having a tool that helps streamline this process is a huge benefit. Many payroll software programs include functions for tracking time, sending mobile alerts, connecting to the payroll system to cut checks automatically, and providing real-time attendance reporting. The advantages that employee management software can provide for your restaurant are limitless.

Advantage of Restaurant Scheduling Software

There  are Various Benefits of Restaurant Scheduling Software. Here are some of the benefits of a scheduling system:

Time Save

The main reason for using employee scheduling software is to spend less time behind your computer. For years, restaurateurs have used simple spreadsheet programs like Excel to create employee schedules, wasting valuable time.

Improved and Enhance Communication with Team

Communication is often one of the most contentious issues in the workplace, whether you own one or ten. Miscommunication can cause serious problems. Chefs, for example, may experience a communication breakdown when ordering the correct ingredients for the following week or trying out a new dish. Or an employee scheduled during peak business hours calls in sick, leaving the manager scrambling to fill the shift as quickly as possible. All of these are unforeseeable issues that restaurant owners cannot avoid, but they can improve. Use of scheduling software helps all employees to communicate with each other to help properly.

Keep Employees Updated

One of the most significant advantages of scheduling is that everyone is on the same page. A good, fundamental scheduling system allows employers to track schedules for individuals or groups of employees and can support an unlimited number of shift schedules, patterns, and rotational movements to account for all of the different scheduling situations that may arise within a company. The solution should be able to accommodate any cycle length, and schedules should be programmable to be copied or repeated indefinitely. Additionally, scheduling systems should collaborate with time and attendance systems to track employee exceptions and leave.

Increase Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Employees frequently waste time at work, as you are aware. Social media and cell phone use are the main offenders. Even though the team is working hard, productivity declines if an employee is unsure what needs to be done right away or how to make a specific drink or sandwich. You must make sure that the appropriate individuals are assigned to the appropriate positions if you want to keep your business operating effectively. 

Additionally, scheduling frequently needs to take into account environments where particular certifications or training are necessary, in addition to the number of employees needed. Here is an instance. Not just any employee can be called in to fill an open nurse shift in a hospital. It would be impossible to remember whether the employee called in to fill a shift is a registered nurse or a registered dietitian if the hospital didn’t keep separate records of qualifications. 

Manage Multiple Location More Easily

It can be challenging to track who works where and when you are responsible for multiple locations. Although you may rely on location managers to handle scheduling and other daily tasks, everything needs to go through you, particularly for payroll. To ensure each location makes a profit, you also need to monitor productivity.

You can ensure that you and your managers are on the same page using a global, real-time employee scheduling tool. You can make decisions that affect one location or many with the most recent information at your fingertips.

Keep Track of Employee Data Properly

Organizations without a single, central location may also run into issues when attempting to track employee time and attendance. When Lifehouse, a business in Northern California, started to grow, they learned about these scheduling issues. A non-profit organization called Lifehouse provides special education and community support to people with developmental disabilities in Northern California. Lifehouse employees don’t have a fixed place of employment; instead, they are given meetings at various locations throughout the neighborhood or even in private homes. It had been challenging to try and schedule employees in each area. Therefore, Lifehouse made the sensible decision to implement a time and attendance system with advanced scheduling.

Improve Payroll Accuracy

It is no secret that processing payroll can be time-consuming and frustrating. It consumes at least six monthly hours for almost a quarter of all small business owners. In addition, small business owners frequently need to correct mistakes like misclassifying employees as independent contractors, underreporting income, or neglecting to update employee schedules so that they accurately reflect in the subsequent paycheck. 

Make a Strong Relationship with Customer

Consider the last time a client complained to you. It likely has one thing in common: slow service or dishes cooked incorrectly: inadequate employee training. Employees needing to be trained to manage that kind of traffic can make simple mistakes, making it challenging to maintain the quality of your product and service, even if a hectic dinner rush causes the problems.

Data Redundancy

Even with careful planning and a finalized schedule, problems may still occur if the employee forgets which shift they are supposed to work. Employees missing or showing up for scheduled shifts at the wrong time can lead to redundant changes or inefficiencies in operations with rotating shifts or non-repeating schedules.

This is particularly typical when schedules are printed and only visible at work. Workers might not be nearby to check the program or think they can recall their scheduled time. You can avert this circumstance with workforce management and scheduling solutions.

Since everything is in one place, employees can easily access their schedules online or over the phone using an automated system that receives real-time updates. When workers switch shifts, paper timesheets can be challenging and inconvenient. Keeping track of the new schedule and whether the employee was given the go-ahead to switch shifts can take time and effort. To maintain an audit trail of the program while changes are made, scheduling systems may ask for a note to be made. Also included in the system are appropriate levels of authorization.


It is impossible to overstate the benefits and advantages of time and attendance tracking with schedules. Employers are given the ability to track exceptions when using programs and time tracking. Employees can now clock in and out of work using their smartphones, native mobile apps, or web browsers. Thanks to workforce management systems, they can call an automated phone system if a computer is unavailable. This dramatically improves employee access to crucial scheduling and pay information, even when the employee is not at work.

Use Restaurant Scheduling Software

One thing became abundantly clear as Ameego continued to expand and support restaurants and hospitality businesses across North America: business owners and operators began to yearn for software that helped with their HR requirements. We had to decide whether to build it or work with an industry leader.

After years of collaboration with Humi, Canada’s top provider of HR, payroll, insurance, and benefits software, it was clear what the next move would be: teaming up to provide businesses with an all-in-one HR and employee scheduling software solution. Ameego and Humi recognized the chance to improve by fusing the two teams’ skills and abilities.

Find out more about the ways that Ameego can meet your needs. Request a call from us.

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