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Benefits of Pre-Sessional English Courses at DMU

When applying for admission to international universities, one of the most important requirements is the English language requirements. To get your application accepted to any international university, you must provide proof of your language proficiency. Most universities ask you to submit IELTS test scores to decide whether you will get admission to the applied course or not. But certain universities like De Montfort University do not ask you to provide the IELTS scores necessarily due to various reasons.

One of the reasons is that they offer you a placement test on their behalf, based on which you will receive admission without appearing for an IELTS exam. However, this university also offers various pre-sessional English courses before enrolling in any postgraduate or undergraduate program. Participating in these pre-sessional English courses will help you meet the language requirements for your selected course. You will not have any difficulty understanding the lectures after you seek admission to the university because of participating in these courses.

Dig deeper into this article to extract some benefits of taking pre-sessional English courses at the De Montfort University London.

Top 5 Benefits of Pre-Sessional English Courses to Know at DMU

English Courses at DMU – For successful admissions at international universities, you must meet every requirement, most importantly the English language requirements. When enrolling in a course at the De Montfort University, you do not have to worry about meeting the language requirements. This university offers English language placement tests for its applicants besides offering several pre-sessional English courses.  You can either opt for online courses or for on-campus classes based on your convenience and ease. But it is a must to appear in the placement test or appear in a pre-sessional course to meet the language requirements.

Following are some negligible benefits of taking pre-sessional English courses at De Montfort University.

1. Makes admissions easier

A number of students struggle to seek admission to international institutions because they could not meet the language requirements. The pre-sessional courses and the placement test at the De Montfort University have made the admission process quite easier for international applicants. Depending upon the IELTS equivalent level, you can choose the course you want to study at DMU. Interested international students will require guidance and support to understand and meet these requirements for which they can contact the institution. Moreover, the services of the education consultants in Pakistan will also help you secure admissions easily and effortlessly in your selected course.

2. Face-to-face or online learning opportunity

The university gives you several options and benefits when it comes to attending your pre-sessional English courses. You can either choose to take the classes online or go for an on-campus learning option. It will not affect your admission chances; the courses you will choose to study on campus and online are the same. For most international students, it is better to go for an online course before enrolling in a subject at De Montfort University.

3. A range of guided tasks

One of the major purposes of providing proof of English requirements is to check your eligibility to understand and speak the language. One of the major benefits of these pre-sessional courses is to make sure you understand and speak the language well for your ease in completing the degree. For this purpose, these courses have a wide range of guided tasks and assignments. You will be assessed on these tasks, and performing these tasks will improve the understandability of the subject.

4. English for aviation courses

Besides providing opportunities and options for the student to enroll in pre-sessional courses, the DMU also provides opportunities for the aviation department. With over more than 12 years of experience in providing training to the aviators makes it the only university to offer such an initiative. The purpose of mentioning this opportunity is to give a sense of confidence to the students that are unsure of the teaching standards. The trainers and the lecturers are highly professional at DMU, and you will not regret taking the course.

5. No IELTS required

If you are appearing in any of the pre-sessional English courses, then it means that you will have to select a course equivalent to the IELTS score. If the required IELTS score is 5.0, you must opt for a pre-sessional B + C course. This way, you do not have to appear in the IELTS exam, nor will the admission committee ask for the scores. So, better to go for this option instead of taking the IELTS exam. For further inquiries on seeking admissions and fulfilling the requirements, you can seek the help of the best education consultants in Pakistan.

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Are you applying for admission at DMU?

If you aim to apply for admissions at the DMU university this year, then make sure you are aware of all the entry requirements. If you have not appeared in any of the English proficiency tests, then you do not have to worry as the university itself offers placement tests and courses to study. So, hire the services of consultants around you and enlighten yourself with all the new updates and procedures for successful admission english courses at DMU  to your desired university and program.


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