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Bathroom Renovation Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Bathroom Renovation Guide: Everything You Need to Know

You think it is time to remodel your bathroom. You want it to be functional and warm. These keys will help you to understand the potential space and ensure that your bathroom remodel is a success.

Bathroom Layout

It is crucial to consider your current needs as well as those of your family members, and also consider what your future needs might be. You can be sure that the bathroom remodel will remain relevant in the future.

The bathroom renovations Stouffville Specialists recommend that while you can maintain the existing distribution, and just change the fixtures and furniture in the bathroom.

It is worth considering making the necessary modifications to improve both functionality and aesthetics. You can also change the orientation of the door opening, or replace it with a slider. This will give you more space.

You should consider these aspects if you believe you need to move the toilets.

  • This is where the toilets are located. You should be able to move easily between them. You can make brick walls or glass partitions in a large bathroom to give privacy.

Vanity area

A large-format, mirror, and countertop allow you to put what you need (soap dish, brushes ). A double sink is possible if you have enough space and the dimensions permit it. Also, If you are in Scarborough, Canada you may want to know about the best services for home renovations in Stouffville.


Shower area and bath

You can add a bathtub and a shower if space and budget permit. There are many options for hydro massage and wet saunas on the market.

You can replace a bathtub with a shower if your needs change over time. Shower trays can be made flatter and even flush with the floor to make it easier for you to get into the shower.

You don’t have to get rid of your bathtub. Instead, you can place it in the back of your room so that the surrounding environment is clearer.


Bidet and toilet area

They are private and it is best to keep them in a quiet area. It is possible to conceal them behind a wall, or in a closed space with translucent glass.

Small bathrooms will benefit from functional toilets. These toilets can be embedded in low walls and used as shelves to store bathroom utensils. You can also improve hygiene and aesthetics by installing suspended toilets.

  • The location of the sewage evacuation pipes in the building. To ensure that your toilets drain properly, the pipes must be connected to the downspout on a slope.
  • The maximum height at which toilets can be installed will determine how far we can install them from the downspout. The sink should be farther away than the bidet. The tub and shower should be closer to the connection pipe between the dwellings.
  • To increase the recommended distance in the bathroom, we must raise the floor. To promote drainage, it is necessary to raise the elevation of the toilet and shower.

Also, to determine the exact location of each element, it is important to consider the distances between downspouts and toilets.


Storage planning

Use the storage space under the countertop to store. Countertop washbasins make it easier to make the most of the space under the cabinet.

A cabinet can be placed in a space that is sufficient to conceal towels and personal hygiene items. You can choose the type and style of cabinet you need, depending on the space available and the effect you are trying to achieve. They can be either standing or suspended or square or column.

Avoid large furniture if the space is tight. Although there are many options on the market for small sinks, a sink with visible shelves is a great option. This will give you ample storage space without cluttering your environment. A shallow cabinet with a mirror-front can be placed over the sink.

Shelf and shelves are visually lighter than closed furniture. The shelves are visually lighter than the surrounding environment and don’t weigh down the environment as much.



Wood finishes are a great way to increase your well-being. A small bathroom can be made more spacious by using simple materials in light colors in both tiles and paint.

This will give you a sense of space. You can give your floor warmth by using a natural wood floor that has been treated against humidity. However, ceramic tiles that imitate wood provide excellent results.

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