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Assignment Help UK: Looking at Organic Chemistry in UK University

Assignment Help UK: Looking at Organic Chemistry in UK University

Chemical reactions support nearly all natural and artificial processes in our contemporary environment. This unit presents particular physical and organic chemistry ideas that support the scientific theories underpinning chemical, biological, environmental, and industrial processes. It builds on the material covered in the Foundations of Chemistry. The unit’s physical chemistry subjects cover electrochemistry, energy use, spontaneity, and reaction kinetics.

Focusing on Physical and Organic Chemistry

The main categories of organic molecules, stereoisomerism, and the mechanics of typical organic reaction processes are all explored under the heading of organic chemistry. With a focus on practical techniques, these ideas are examined.

Students Should Be Able To:

    • LO1: Recognize the significance of thermodynamics in physical chemistry and anticipate the behaviour of chemical systems under various situations (GA4, GA5, GA8)
    • LO2: Recognize the significance of thermodynamics in physical chemistry and anticipate the behaviour of chemical systems under various situations (GA4, GA5, GA8)
    • LO3: Describe the functional groups that different organic compounds have in relation to their structures and associated organic chemistry reaction processes (GA4, GA5, GA8)
    • LO4: Describe the functional groups that different organic compounds have in relation to their structures and associated organic chemistry reaction processes (GA4, GA5, GA8 Understand the isomerism of organic molecules and its significance in the biological world and in the context of medicine (LO4) (GA4, GA5, GA8)
    • LO5: Demonstrate proficiency in physical and organic chemistry methods, tools, and interpretations of experimental data (GA4, GA5, GA7, and GA8).

Graduate Qualities

    • GA4: Exercise critical and thoughtful thinking
    • GA5: Exhibit values, information, expertise, and behaviour appropriate for the discipline or vocation
    • GA7: Work alone and collaboratively
    • GA8: Find, Arrange, Analyse, Synthesize, and Assess Information

Lecture topics will include energy and chemical processes, entropy and free energy, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, and hydrocarbons.

    • Stereoisomerism
    • Chemical structure
    • Interactions between organic compounds with various functional groups
    • Conjugation
    • Aromaticity
    • Reactivity of aromatic compounds

Strategy and Justification for Teaching and Learning

This section uses various learning and teaching methodologies through lectures, tutorials, and laboratory-based sessions. Lectures promote involvement in the class and inquiry-based learning, which helps students grasp the fundamentals of the laws controlling various chemical processes.

To improve student learning in a supportive atmosphere, this focuses on an active and engaging approach to learning and teaching techniques and a scaffold approach to curriculum delivery. This will guarantee that students acquire the disciplinary-based knowledge, students and abilities at the foundational level, and the academic skills necessary for success in this unit.

Assessment Plan and Justification

A variety of assessment techniques will be employed to satisfy. The unit learning goals and build graduate qualities per university assessment requirements. Students must complete three graded assessment activities to pass this unit. Quick feedback is given to students, and more assistance is accessible if necessary.

Students get the chance to develop their critical thinking abilities, data collecting and analysis skills, and writing scientific reports through laboratory-based activities. Students must record, analyse, and finish entries in their laboratory workbooks for their experimental work. Laboratory assessment activities will evaluate students’ proficiency in laboratory methodology, data collection, and evaluation.

Short answer and multiple-choice questions are used in the exam for this unit to gauge how well students have learned. Comprehended the material taught in all of the lectures, tutorials, and practical classes this semester. The two written exminations will be given online. They will test students’ knowledge of the individual organic and physical chemistry modules of the course. Using multiple-choice and short-answer questions.

With a focus on a progressive approach to learning, developmentally staged will incorporate tasks into each assessment.

    • Providing regular feedback
    • To support their learning
    • Employing techniques to develop and comprehend terminology
    • Concepts unique to the discipline
    • Carrying out practice tasks in class with integrated feedback
    • Increasing peer cooperation

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