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App Development Agency Share Tips For Great Android App Success

There can be hardly any doubt about the fact that the Android operating system among all the mobile platforms dominates the global market, covering the majority of devices and user base. In the same breath, we should also recognize the highest number of apps belonging to the Google App Store. But because of this overwhelming market dominance and popularity of Android apps. It is also difficult for Android apps to enjoy a clear competitive edge. 

Based upon the common practices & suggestions android app agency most frequently talked-about to beat this competition and roll out winning apps. Here are some of the best tips for making Android app success stories.  

Focus on using the best technology stack 

Shaping the UI and UX of an Android mobile app depends primarily upon how you adhere to the Android design guidelines from Google. But for following these guidelines, you need to use the project’s best development tools and frameworks. 

Using the right technology stack can ensure faster iterations and add features and functionalities in a modular and layered manner over time. This is best done when you build, test, and maintain the app using the most powerful and well-equipped technology stack. 

Embrace Cloud 

Cloud helps an Android app win the inconsistency in a highly fragmented ecosystem of devices and operating system versions. By embracing cloud technology, you can do without physical infrastructure and still deliver a robust user experience. 

Indeed, Android apps often struggle to deliver and maintain a consistent user experience because of the combination of multiple devices and operating system versions. This is exactly where the cloud comes as a befitting solution to meet diverse architecture requirements. 

Seamless UI design 

According to most experts and market statistics, app users can no longer stand slow and unresponsive apps, and this often results in loss of user traction and slower acquisition. This is why seamless and fast UI design remains a mission-critical aspect of Android app development. 

One of the tried and tested ways to keep an app UI responsive and agile. Is to design the app layouts simple and reduce the steps for completing an action. In this respect, another important thing is to keep user inputs in mind while designing the UI. A great UI is always designed to make users feel at home by allowing easy inputs and responding faster to every input and command. 

Give maximum focus on app security.

Since apps are everywhere and many organizations increasingly rely on mobile apps for taking part in business tasks and for customer service interactions, maintaining optimum security naturally should be one of the focus areas. 

Just because enterprise app users get easy access to a lot of critical information. Optimum data security and role-based access protocol maintenance are extremely important. This is also another key area where adhering to best development practices and focusing on testing can play a very important role. 

Uncompromising app testing 

This requires the most emphasis in any Android app project. Since the device ecosystem is too diverse and multifaceted. Making the app undergo several different layers of testing is crucial for the app’s success. 

Before releasing the app, you should also consider the scope of Alpha testing and beta testing. At the same time, the first only tests the app by a small and neat group of chosen people comprising both IT industry people and other stakeholders; the latter is targeted to a broader audience consisting of people from diverse demographics.  

You must remember that even a random user can make the right suggestions for adding a new feature to an app. The app’s beta release can come out with far better testing output and actionable suggestions.

Listen to the app data.

While the difficulties and challenges of building a successful Android app are increasing with the passing of every day. App analytics can help you liquidate this challenge by simply listening to the app user data and session data. The deep-down data on the user intent and user preferences can do wonders in increasing user engagement, user session timings, and business conversion. 

As for figuring out the app data and focusing on specific categories and data-driven insights. You have a whole array of sophisticated tools such as Crashalytics, Flurry, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and others. Thanks to these data analytics tools. App users can easily be decided as per their session timings and the preferences on different clicks. 

Since user inputs and consequences directly affect the overall user experience. The data analytics tools can help you with the most relevant and actionable insights for the Android app project. Every bit of user interaction and behavior data laid bare by the data analytics tools will help you make more precise decisions.   


Now while concluding these tips. We must say that the success of an Android app depends upon its fate in the later stage of the app lifecycle. And not on the initial buzz, acquisition, and user engagement. Business conversion will not come overnight and may not be in the right place for months. But when you do everything in the right direction, eventually, success will come. 

The buzz and enthusiasm around Android app development are continuing to be louder. This is simply because most enterprises consider reaching out to larger mobile users as more important for their branding and business conversion. All the tips we have mentioned so far have been experienced in real projects by mapping developers, development agencies, and to a certain extent, by the users as well.


Will Ben Sims is CEO of Cerdonis Technologies LLC – A software development company that provides a wide range of app development services. Will ben and his team have developed a number of mobile application solutions for various business. Apart from his professional life, Will ben is very good at playing rugby.

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