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Today, game companies often release crossword puzzles, including a series of games inspired by movie themes. Therefore, they also released a game for anime lovers: ANIMEDLE GAME. This game challenges your knowledge of anime movies. Can you make sure that you can guess all names of anime movies?


ANIMEDLE GAME takes the essentials and gives them an anime twist. You’re trying to name an anime rather than attempting to guess a word. You think it is easy, doesn’t it? There is, however, a crucial wrinkle to take into account.


The player must determine the theme of the day from a one-second clip from the entire anime at the beginning of the game. A longer, slower version of the film is unlocked for each wrong or missed prediction.

  1. How to play ANIMEDLE GAME?

2.1 Do players need to download ANIMEDLE GAME?

Players do not need to download ANIMEDLE GAME to play it. You can play it on the platform.  Searching for the keyword “ANIMEDLE” and the results will take you to the gaming site.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones all share this characteristic. Keeping your Internet connection active at all times is the only prerequisite for playing. 


The video will start playing after pressing the play button for one second. In case you didn’t receive the answer, move on and press the play button once more. There is a limit to how much you can skip the clip before you can’t understand it. There are six chances available in total. It’s true that there are only a maximum of six times you can correctly guess the name of the film. You can play this game one time every day, other than that. ANIMEDLE GAME has a new section every day.

If you correctly guess the name of the anime, the poster will get blurry. If the response is incorrect, the poster will keep seeing a more understandable version. You may choose the incorrect response five times. You don’t have to guess every time; you may just skip till you think you know the answer, it’s important to note. Keep in mind that you cannot rewind the video, so pay attention.

2.3. Can players play a new puzzle when they win at ANIMEDLE GAME?

In fact, when players overcome a daily puzzle, they must wait until a new puzzle is released.  However, they can try the unlimited version at ANIMEDLE Unlimited.


  1. What is anime?

Cartoons created or influenced by Japanese animation are known as anime. Take into account the fact that while all anime series are cartoons, not all cartoons are anime. Anime has a distinctive and clearly recognizable art form. Large eyes, untamed hair, lengthy arms and limbs, and other features are probably things you’ve already observed. The characters can convey their feelings more readily thanks to this exaggerated design, which is common in anime.

Over a century ago, anime gained popularity in Japan, and today, anime TV series and movies are viewed all over the world. Since Speed Racer was a childhood favorite in the 1960s, America has been a fan of anime. In the 1990s, the endearing Studio Ghibli produced a number of box office successes. Spirited Away received the Oscar for the best foreign-language film at the 2001 Academy Awards.

  1.  Famous anime films.

Over the years, a lot of anime movies and TV shows have gained significant popularity. New series continue to be added on top of one another every year due to shifting trends.

4.1. Doraemon: The robot cat from the future.

Firstly, the film is adapted from the manga of the same name by author Fujiko Fujio. Published by TMS Entertainment Shin-Ei Animation, Studio Pierrot… each episode is an exciting adventure of a magical robotic cat and his friends Nobita, Xuka, Xeko, Chaien. Many young Vietnamese people probably have strong memories of this animated film from their childhood. The work has become a childhood for many people worldwide. 

4.2. Detective Conan. 

Is a detective anime that is based on the same-named Aoyama Gosho manga. The first things this animated series offers the audience are mysterious scenarios and inventive approaches to solving cases. Conan has earned its place as the most popular anime series because of its many secrets and surprising episode endings.

4.3. Onepiece

 The anime is known as Vietnam as “pirate island”, and is one of the most “long-lasting” anime in the history of current anime series. This is an anime adapted from the manga of the same name by author Eiichiro Oda. The main character of the film is a boy: Monkey D. Luffy, encouraged by his childhood hero Shanks “Red Hair”, to set sail on a journey to find the legendary treasure One Piece and become King. pirate.

  1. Anime games

5.1. Genshi impact

If you are a fan of the anime game, you definitely know about Genshi impact- a game that reached $1 billion in revenue just 6 months after its release.

Genshi impact created a unique open world. In their own world, players can experience their own place. Additionally, using the co-op format, it is also possible to “visit” the world of friends.

The game’s opening scene shows twin brothers Aether and Lumine being divided by an Unknown God on the continent Teyvat. You will have the option of selecting a male or female traveler character. Then, accompanied by the flying mascot Paimon, you will set off on your adventure to find your twin.


5.2. Battle Chef Brigade

Different from the fighting and role-playing game genre introduced above, Battle Chef Brigade is an intellectual game with a cooking theme.

The content of this anime game revolves around finding ingredients to make a novel dish that can “shake” the judges. However, the ingredients will not be available or self-cultivated like the farm game genre. You need to gather vegetables or hunt for yourself to bring back the necessary food. At the same time, you also need to balance the time of finding ingredients and processing to meet the cooking theme given.

Although it is an anime game with quite old gameplay, Battle Chef Brigade is still appreciated for its graphics, sound, and effects. The manufacturer also brings many surprises to the gameplay to create newness for players.

5.3. Blade & Soul

This is a game that also made waves in the gaming community on the first day of its release. And currently still has a certain place in the role-playing game market.

Blade & Soul is an open-world role-playing game. It is a smooth combination between the skills of the air and martial arts of the characters. Players will explore the continent by completing quests from NPCs. To defeat the opponent, the player needs to combine different attack positions.

At the same time, the manufacturer also offers two types of gameplay: PvF (fighting with monsters) and PvP (fighting with other players). In addition, the game also has a downed mechanism. Thanks to that, the player can automatically respawn after dying in battle.

  1. Conclusion

Anime is a type of cartoon, but by no means just for children. The popularity of anime around the world is clear proof that it conquers all ages. And now you can not only watch anime movies but also play anime games. One of them is ANIMEDLE. You will have the opportunity to show off your knowledge of anime movies, and test your intelligence when faced with blurred photos to find out the name of the movie. It will be more difficult than you think. So, do not hesitate any longer, let’s try to play ANIMEDLE GAME right now.


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