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Alarm and interior decoration: what are the tips to know?

We spend a lot of time indoors, at least 10 hours on average per day. It is therefore important to invest in the apartment or the house, to make it lively, attractive, and good to live in. In addition, one must protect his residence to ensure the safety of his goods and his inhabitants. This is why we resort more and more to the installation of alarm systems. How to combine interior decoration and security system? This article offers you simple tips.

Some tips for interior decoration

The interior of the house must be pleasant, harmonious, warm and welcoming. To start, it is important to invest in the essentials. First you have to invest in the furniture, in the sofa, in the bed, in the table, etc. It will then be necessary to show great creativity and expand the decoration over time by browsing different decoration stores. You also have to know how to mix things up: expensive elements with less expensive ones, works of art with ordinary objects. It is this mixture that gives value and authenticity to the decoration.

You will have to play with the sunlight and opt for different sources of artificial light such as ceiling lights, candles, and large mirrors which give the illusion that the room is larger. These light sources, on the floor, a garland or even a shelf help to play with the intensity of the light and the character of the room. It will be necessary to opt for warm colors in the rooms turned to the West, bright in the darker rooms placed in the North. Blue or white for the rooms in the South can embellish the interior of the room. These colors should be revived from time to time by repainting the walls, touching up the color of the window and door, revising the colors of the ceiling.

Natural elements

It will be necessary to add natural elements inside each room like flowers, plants, etc. Plants help to manage stress, they make it possible to diversify, to invigorate the house, to give a zen character to the rooms, they fit perfectly into the ecological spirit of the time and have the advantage of not requiring a large investment. Plants are then needed in all rooms, from the bathroom to the main room.

According to Homary, curtains allow you to change the atmosphere of the room. If the curtains are old, they should be changed and replaced with modern, simple, plain-coloured curtains, as light as the sheets. This way, they easily match with anything. Plaids and carpet blankets, the floor should be furry, soft and fashionable to add color and coziness to the room. Light fixtures, bulbs, suspensions must emerge from modern decoration. The bathroom too. This is why, it will be necessary to think of replacing the old washbasin and the basin by a more attractive and more design model.

The kitchen also needs to be revisited. We could put a simple, design and contemporary credenza on it. The possibilities of choice are wide: between stainless steel, glass, laminated splashbacks. It’s more pleasant and it’s a cheap trick.

Tips for installing an alarm

For its alarm, it is advisable to opt for a wireless home alarm, cleverly installed in the house, which has a radio circuit facilitating the transmission and reception of signals in a secure way throughout the house. The advantage of a wireless alarm is that it is easy to install, it provides better home security, it is aesthetic, functional, practical. The installation of the alarm dispenses with exorbitant work such as trunking, drilling, bleeding… It is discreet and it will be necessary to opt for the one whose design blends more easily with the interior decoration.

After having chosen the alarm that is most suitable for the interior decoration, it will be necessary to find the right location: “a place for everything, everything in its place”. Finding the ideal location is easy when you know that each of the devices that make up the alarm system has a specific function. These are the siren, the central alarm, the keypad or the remote control and the detectors. In order not to upset the interior decoration, it is advisable to place the alarm in height, to install the remote control in the central room of the house. Sirens can be installed in any room as long as they can be heard when the alarm goes off. The detectors will be placed at the main door or at any other access point.

Why is it important to have a home alarm

The installation of an alarm is very important for the inhabitants of a house, whether small or large. Having a home alarm can deter burglars from stealing items from your home, and if intruders ever enter your home, some alarms are there to send a message directly to an agent, who will call you to see if you are home or nope. There are different types of alarms, either an alarm that rings and makes enough noise for your neighbors to hear, or an alarm that as soon as it goes off, a number calls you.

There are alarms to suit your tastes and your home, which can either come in box form or detector form, the choice is yours. If you want more info, go online to find out which alarm is right for you. By having your alarm at home, you can go on vacation serenely, or just go to work. In addition, it often happens that burglars steal items from your home at night, so a beeping alarm is a very good alternative. Do not hesitate to buy one.

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