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Experts in the field of digital technology concur that data, rather than oil, is currently the most valuable resource in the world. Data is beneficial and essential to any organization’s efficient operation in our digitally-driven market since it makes choices more accessible and quicker.

The discipline of data science is concerned with extracting practical and valuable inputs from chaotic, disorganized, and congested data. Hence, a data scientist’s function becomes crucial to managing enormous volumes of data. The ideal strategy to develop into a top-notch data scientist is to obtain a certification from a reputable training facility. Finding the Top 10 affordable Data Science Courses in Delhi is therefore essential for moving further in this area.


This institute has grown to meet the requirement for more data scientists from various organizations. One of the top data science programmes in Delhi, it has enormous appeal. It provides a postgraduate certificate programme in data science and machine learning geared toward new graduates and young professionals.

The institution has partnerships with several prestigious businesses, including HCL, Nokia, Reliance, Microsoft, Cognizant, Genpact, and many others. Other related programs are also provided, including those in sales management, business analytics, cloud computing, project management, and HR analytics.


This institution is highly known for offering top-notch instruction. It is a preferred option among students because of the extensive course selection. The student can finish the course whenever it’s convenient for them. Therefore, depending on your schedule and convenience, it may be two months, three months, or six months.

Live online courses are used as the learning method. There are also recorded videos accessible for reference. There is also the choice between batches on weekdays and weekends. A year’s worth of online portal access is provided. On-demand, an extension is available. There is no time limit on how long the course is valid. You can go to class whenever you want after enrolling.


To improve their data science abilities, Delhi students frequently choose this institute, which is true to its name. The Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bangalore, offers this as a distance learning course.

Delhi’s finest data science courses include this one, which ranked high among them. A component of the course curriculum is soft skills. You may join the exclusive IIIT alumni community on a global scale. Post completing a formal course of training, assistance is provided in the form of proactive career coaching. Python Programming Bootcamp workshops are also available to refresh your skills. The training includes exposure to more than 14 tool types and programming languages.


This institute offers two courses. The more specialized PG diploma in data science is the other option. The first is a data science certification. It has a high recall value among students seeking data science courses in Delhi because of the variety of possibilities offered here.

The 10-month POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSE provides students with all the training they need to become data scientists. Students who take this course also choose to major in related subjects like data analysis, business analysis, etc. Candidates can select a complete- or part-time course design. Both online and offline sessions are available for the data science certification program.


Analytic Square was among the first institutions to provide data science courses since it was set up in 2012. The instructors have extensive teaching expertise and a minimum of 10 years. These prominent companies, like Amazon, Accenture, and others, are happy to hire graduates with certifications from this institution. Training is accessible in both online and offline formats. This college takes excellent pleasure in the calibre of the course material provided.

The course curriculum includes a range of assignments and case studies. Through this, students and trainees get the necessary real-world experience they require.


This institute’s USP is that it provides course content that can assist you in the present. Trainees who receive certification get recognition throughout the business. The importance of experiential learning and acquiring hands-on experience is highly stressed. In fact, a faculty member with extensive expertise is your mentor. Leave with a position in a prestigious company. The candidate gets a chance to work on tasks supplied by business clients. Workshops are held regularly.

In addition. there are counselling sessions to assist you in identifying your area of interest after the program’s conclusion. This course distinguishes itself from the competitors by becoming one of the most reasonably priced ones currently offered.


One of Delhi’s top schools for data science programmes is this one again and again. Microsoft and Google have selected it as their training partner institution. Facebook, Linkedin, V-Skills, and Nasscom are all associated with it. Participatory online meetings help in structuring the course. Also, the institution arranges Q&A meetings with knowledgeable instructors. In addition, webinars are held weekly and monthly to assist students throughout the course. Eighteen weeks make up the course. Case studies and capstone projects for assignments are used in real-world situations.


Regarding Data Science programmes in Delhi, this is among the most renowned institutions. The course syllabus is organized well, with tasks and assessments for evaluation falling into several categories. Students who want scheduling flexibility, in particular, choose this institution.

Numerous students from the institution get placements in prestigious firms like HCL, IBM, Wipro, etc. All of the mentors have a minimum of five years of teaching experience.

Students receive considerable experience working with case studies and capstone projects as part of the course curriculum. Netflix, YouTube, and other businesses are just a few that are part of the case studies. In addition, several companies accept this accreditation. Amazon, IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Myntra, Flipkart, and others are also the most well-known ones.


One of the institutes offers courses in data science and a master’s in data analytics. According to many users on the Quora community, Simplilearn offers a Master’s in business analytics course in 5 combinations. The cost of the course amounts to 40k. Weekend online courses are available, but trainers only use IMS to impart their knowledge.


In today’s world, data science has made an impact across many industries. From highly complex to commonplace applications, the applicability is broad. The World Economic Forum published a study on the future of employment in 2020. Moreover, a data scientist’s position will have the most potential for demand increase by 2025. You can also anticipate a rise in this demand in the upcoming years.

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