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Advanced Website Builders: What Do You Know?

What Is A Website Builder That Is Advanced? # (website builder)

A professional website experience cost six figures and took half a year or more to build in 2004, the year my web design agency was founded. Today, a company can purchase a website on Squarespace for $12 a month and have it up and running the same day. (website builder)

Squarespace is a website builder with a lot of features. It’s a monthly subscription service that allows you to create and serve a website for your business without having to know how to code. It merely provides templated design, little or no copywriting assistance, and no advanced user experience design. The templates, on the other hand, are quite slick, businesses frequently pull information from other sources, and the overall user experience is superb. In general, Squarespace is suitable for a wide range of enterprises.

Websites are at danger of becoming commoditized as standards cement. They will spend money on social media, bots, email automation, and a variety of other things instead of a dedicated website. The website is already becoming a checkbox for a rising number of firms, and money is being diverted to other areas.

Today, Squarespace isn’t a good fit for most businesses, but that is not always the case. Functionality, quality, and customizability will continue to improve.

Number of Websites in the Current Market#

Website builders can provide a lot of value right out of the box thanks to established best practises and enhanced browser technologies. They essentially cover all of the fundamental requirements for a good website, from search engine optimization to responsive design to excellent visual representation. Only custom development could give such basic value only a few years ago. Scale allows website builders tremendous pricing flexibility, and it’s revolutionising the market.

The majority of businesses today require more than a basic website, but there are still many that do not. The market will notice if website builders can automate coding and give the same value as custom websites. Why would a customer pay more and wait longer for the same product or service?

I didn’t say the same product, to be clear. I expressed the same opinion. Websites built utilising templates and builders are unlikely to win awards, but they can generate revenue.

Customization Isn’t Extinct #

There are many reasons to choose bespoke development nowadays, but there are four primary requirements that modern website-building technologies cannot fulfil. These are the benefits of custom web development, in my opinion. These are the points we can tell potential clients to persuade them to hire us over a website builder. However, one of the reasons I felt compelled to create this post is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sell custom development on these grounds alone.


At scale, security is difficult, and being on a third-party platform and paying monthly isn’t secure enough for governments and other highly sensitive companies.

Even though custom programming is possibly less safe than a platform, the prospect of entrusting security to a third-party is enough to put some businesses off.


Some industries, like security, require linkages and workflows that aren’t available in website builders designed for the masses.

For legacy businesses and systems, custom interconnections are especially critical. Website builders are great if you’re using all of the latest software as a service to operate your business. They’re not even a possibility if you’re in the aviation sector.

This is becoming more difficult because they already included simple integrations in the builders. You’re good with builders if you use Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Wistia. You’ll want to go custom if you have a bespoke Salesforce or NetSuite setup that needs to work with your website.

For custom web developers, this is a significant opportunity. As technology pervades every aspect of business, advanced integrations and workflows are in high demand — the kind that website builders may never be able to match.


As “basic” web development becomes more commoditized, companies will turn to advanced web development to differentiate themselves. Another possibility is to create platforms for businesses and/or their customers.

I’m referring to website builder platforms, content management systems, account and project management portals, and other web-based goods when I say platform. They can be external or internal, but they all assist people in completing tasks.

These types of projects are as unique as each firm, therefore they appear to be safe from builders for the time being. To stay competitive, I still propose handling sophisticated web development projects more like builders (i.e., more like SaaS).

In the end, I believe that the majority of custom development shops will become website platform corporations. It’s a natural progression.

It Isn’t All About Development #

A website’s code is only one component. Custom development is frequently accompanied by competence in other fields, such as business consultancy. Website builders can assist with basic user experience, email automation, and analytics reporting, but they still require business owners to handle these tasks themselves. They’re more of a tool than a consultant.

This is an important difference to make because, even if website builders eliminate the majority of custom development work, organisations will still want the services of graphic and user experience designers. Businesses will want copywriters if the templates become so good that they no need designers anymore. And so on. As more automated tasks, firms will increasingly rely on specialised (read: “custom”) execution to differentiate themselves. Another chance has presented itself.

This is similar to the television and film industries. Getting on TV used to require expensive equipment, airtime negotiations, and a large team. Anyone with a smartphone and Internet access may now broadcast to millions of people on YouTube. The method of broadcasting had been commoditized.

The act of broadcasting is no longer significant. To stand out among the other broadcasters, you’ll need stage presence, strong content, a well-organized presentation, and more.

Website builders are the YouTube of our sector, but that doesn’t imply anything about their quality or effectiveness, just like YouTube. It does state that they will increase rivalry in our sector by putting a lot more websites on the Internet.

Agencies and bespoke development firms, on the other hand, are not doomed. Sure, the landscape is shifting, but as it becomes more accessible and competitive, there is a greater demand for expertise.

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