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A Guide to Writing Awesome Blog Posts

How to write a Blog

How to write a blog: The process of writing a blog post is similar to driving. As if studying the highway code for months will prepare you for the real thing, no preparation prepares you like getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road.

Now that we’ve thoroughly twisted that metaphor, let’s move on. We know that blogging will help us to grow our business, but we don’t know how. we’ll show you how to write a great blog post in five simple steps that people will actually want to read. Are you ready? Here we go.

Step 1: Create an outline for your blog post, conduct research, and verify facts.

Step 2: Write a headline that both informs and attracts readers.

Step 3: Write your post, either in one session or in segments as you go along.

Step 4: Include images in your posts to enhance their flow, add humor, and explain complicated topics.

Step 5: Edit your posts. Avoid repetition, read aloud to check its flow, have someone else read it and provide feedback, keep sentences and paragraphs short, don’t be a perfectionist and don’t be afraid to cut text or adapt your writing at the last minute.


The entire process of writing a blog post typically takes more than two hours, even if you are proficient in writing and can type 80 words per minute. You may have to spend days or even weeks from the moment you have a concept to the time you push “Publish” on a blog post, but this is vital time spent planning your post and even thinking about it (yes, thinking counts as work if you’re a blogger).

Make sure you have everything you need to sit down and write before you ever put digital pen to paper. The planning process is often overlooked by new bloggers, and although you may think that skipping it will save time later down the road, doing your homework will help you develop good blogging habits.

Selecting a topic

In any business you work in, as a blogger, you should live by the maxim, “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader.”

Make sure you choose a topic that interests you before starting any of the following steps. Lack of enthusiasm from the author will kill a blog post more effectively than anything else. A writer whose subject bores them can be noticed, and it is so embarrassing it makes you cringe.

In addition, you should be able to acknowledge that not every post is going to ignite your zeal. Although some posts will seem like a chore, if you have editorial control over them, choose topics that you’d enjoy reading – even if they relate to niche industries. Your readers will be more excited when they’re reading your article if you’re excited about the topic.

Creating Outline

We don’t just come up with the greatest blog posts by accident. It is essential for even the most talented bloggers to have at least a rough idea of what they intend to write. Here is where outlines come into play.

You do not need to be detailed or long in an outline. It’s just a rough guide to ensure you don’t ramble on and on about unrelated subjects.

As an example:


[Short summary of what the blog post will cover]

Section 1 – Planning a Blog

– Before writing a blog, bloggers should outline, research, etc.

Section 2 – Writing a Blog

– Tips for bloggers on improving their productivity and focusing on writing

Section 3 – Rewriting/Editing a Blog

– How to edit your own blog posts, what to look out for, common blogging errors

Section 4 – Optimizing a Blog

– Best practices for optimizing your blog posts for on-page SEO, social sharing, and engagement.

Section 5 – Conclusion

– Closing

An outline is something we use to make sure what we plan to cover, in what order the various subsections will appear, and some bare-bones details about what each subsection will cover.

Having an outline keeps you on track. Your post will be more focused and you won’t engage in poorly thought-out metaphors about driving.

It does not matter if you write your outline in your word processor, on a piece of paper, or even on a bar napkin. Write your outline in whatever way works for you to stay focused.


Professional bloggers are adamant about not revealing that they do not actually know everything. Sometimes when we sit down to write about a topic, we have no knowledge of the topic at all.

There is no rule that all bloggers are insincere fakers. Instead, the natural curiosity of many bloggers is what makes them exceptional. Bloggers must be able to jump from topic to topic, even if they don’t have any knowledge of them. Knowing how to properly research a blog post enables us to do this and to write authoritatively about subjects that are unfamiliar to us.

A primary source based solely on Wikipedia is almost always a bad idea, as it almost always contains inaccurate information. It is true that Wikipedia has thousands of excellently researched articles, but it isn’t infallible, and erroneous facts sometimes appear in articles without editors catching them. Additionally, every verifiable fact on the site is sourced from links elsewhere on the web, so why use a middleman? Write your blog post based on authoritative sources if you are using third-party information. The following are good examples: government sites, trade associations, citations in scientific papers, and preeminent industry figures. As a journalist, you practice skepticism and question everything until you’re certain your info is accurate.

Checking Facts

One glaring error is all it takes to destroy your credibility. We all make mistakes, but it’s important to avoid gaffes like this. Especially if you’re starting out, inaccurate information can diminish your credibility very quickly. And If you feature the information in the comments section of a popular blog, your regular readers will be quick to jump on your mistake.

In the event of being the victim of a well-executed hoax, repeating widely circulated misinformation, or simply making a mistake, own up to it immediately. You can bet your readers will call you out if you attempt to slip something by them. Honesty, accountability, and fixing the problem as quickly as possible are the best practices.

Written By – Muskan Lohia

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