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A Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining Tattoo Safety

‘Safety’ must have a wide range of meanings for tattooists. They have to be aware of a client’s wellbeing, maintain a sanitised workstation, put on gloves while prepping, and so much more. Now, don’t they have to protect themselves as well? Tattoo safety is also about undertaking measures to keep tattooists out of trouble, both health-wise and legally. To know more, please go through the given discussion.

The Ultimate Checklist

The experts providing top-notch tattoo equipment Australia said a tattooist must perceive a tattoo the same way a doctor would perceive a medical procedure. This means stocking up on a couple of supplies to keep the workplace clean, the tools sterilised, and the clients healthy and happy.


A tattooist needs to wear high-grade gloves when prepping or cleaning. He/she must then throw away the gloves, wash hands thoroughly with an antibacterial cleanser, and put on a new pair before starting working. Anytime a tattooist has to touch something outside of their workstation, he/she must take a break and change the gloves.


Purchase a durable autoclave that tattooists can use to properly sterilize their tools between the customers. They must also invest in sterilization pouches to accompany the autoclave.

Disinfectants and Cleaners

The tattooists must clean the reusable metal grips and other tools with the best germicide disinfectant solution. Wipe down the chair and rest of the furniture with fast-drying disinfectant. There are innumerable things to clean inside a tattoo shop, and there is an ideal cleaner for each.

Sharps Bin

The tattooists can successfully prevent needle sticks by properly disposing of the needles used in the sharps bin. There are various bins, so one may select the right size for when they are traveling and when they are working in the studio.


Disposable products allow tattooists to maintain a sterile environment seamlessly. Most of the supplies one needs for tattooing are found in fitting disposable form like tattoo sleeves, clip cords, skin wraps, etc.

Tattoo Tubes

One can buy autoclavable, reusable tattoo tubes, grips, and tips. Throwing away such expensive equipment after a single session seems like a waste of money. There are varied kinds of tattoo tubes to fit each artist’s preferences. Some artists get tubes with silicone grips to hold the machine steadily. Many get tubes that feel like a pen.

Needles and Needle Bars

According to the experts offering the best tattoo equipment Australia, needles are not something one should sterilise and reuse. No matter how much cleaning solution they apply or how well they autoclave, it is not recommended to reuse the needles,

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Most studios sell disinfected needles in lots of styles and configuration combinations. Choose from magnum, flat, stacked, bug pins, round, long tapers, short tapers, etc.

Besides the above tips, which minimize hazards to a tattooist’s health, another way to ensure tattoo safety is strictly adhering to internationally recognised hygiene standards. Also, have clients sign release waivers before working and turn away anyone who does not seem legal age or is intoxicated.


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