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8 Reasons Why You Should Prefer WordPress Over Other CMS

WordPress: The Most Preferred Website Development CMS in 2022. Here is Why?

Don’t you think the IT industry is crowded with numerous content management systems nowadays? From WordPress to Joomla and Drupal to Magento, each one shares a good market share according to their dominance and functionalities.

CMS has made it easy to develop all kinds of websites as well as blogs just using drag and drop functionality. There is no need to write thousands of lines of code to design and build eye-catchy websites. Isn’t it?

Though an endless CMS exists in the market, WordPress is the one that has not lost its popularity among the developers’ community since its launch. WordPress is a free and open-source CMS, just like others like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many more; however, it stands out from others due to the amazing features it offers.

This article will discuss 10 reasons you should prefer WordPress over other CMS. So, let’s plunge into them!

8 Logical Reasons Why WordPress is The Perfect CMS Choice For Your Website

#1. 100% Free

The core WordPress software is 100% free and open-source. You can easily download WordPress from its official website and initialize its set up to develop a feature-rich website or blog.

If you are starting a new business, WordPress can be a cost-effective solution. You can deploy your hard-earned money on other sources, such as customer support, manufacturing, after-sales service, etc., to uplift your business as quickly as possible.

#2. Excellent Flexibility

A single WordPress installation lets you build any online entity such as a business website, blog, forum, e-commerce website, social media platform, and whatnot.

Whether a static website or a dynamic one, WordPress is absolutely flexible enough to meet every single requirement of yours. It also allows you to install various plugins, tools, and widgets without any hindrance to meet your advanced specifications if any.

#3. Customizable In All Respect

WordPress is a thoroughly customizable website development platform where you will find plenty of settings that you can enable or disable as per your requirements. The built-in WordPress plugins and themes are also fully customizable if you are looking for annexed functionalities to the available ones. Moreover, a person with little coding knowledge can easily customize WordPress’s core coding structure.

#4. Interactive Platform

User interaction is a foremost aspect every business prioritizes while developing its website, and WordPress lets you nail it! WordPress CMS allows your website visitors and users to interact with you by allowing them to leave comments and feedback on your website.

It will further assist you in having an idea of what your current and potential customers are thinking about your business. You can implement changes as suggested and get in touch with them if required. Sounds interesting, right?

#5. Fully SEO Optimized CMS

Initially, WordPress was considered only a content management system and widely used for developing blogs. Eventually, people started using WordPress as a website development platform.

The image below will give you a perfect idea of how WordPress’s market share has been accelerating since 2014.

wordpress development

Image Source

WordPress’s core software is SEO optimized, making your website search engine friendly from scratch. It is one of the fundamental reasons why more and more people tend to embrace WordPress as a website development tool or platform.

Apart from that, you will find plenty of WordPress SEO plugins that make your WordPress website SEO optimization task half done with their installation only! Due to this amazing feature, search engines like Google love WordPress websites and blogs, making them rank faster on SERP than any other CMS.

The higher your website will rank on SERP, the more users will visit your website or blog, and subsequently, it will assist you to quickly increase the sales and profit of your business like never before!

#6. User-Friendly Platform

Developing and managing a WordPress website or blog is not rocket science. WordPress is exhaustively a user-friendly platform that a person with a non-tech background can manage the WordPress website efficiently.

Rich-featured and easily accessible dashboard offered by WordPress requires zero programming and coding knowledge to develop, update, and manage a WordPress website. However, if you require some advanced features on your websites, only then you need to hire the best WordPress development service provider.

#7. Speed & Security

WordPress websites take less time to load compared to websites built on other CMS. The primary reason for the fast-loading WordPress website is the gzip compression for various file formats used by the CMS. Not only this, but it also offers auto image optimization functionality along with webp image format support that allows users to save bandwidth while downloading those images.

Unlike other CMS, wordPress doesn’t entertain the security hacks and malware attacks. You can also enable the auto-update option to keep your website’s WordPress version updated to make it secure from any kind of malware and suspicious activities. You can also find so many WordPress plugins that make your website away from hackers.

#8. Vast Community Support

As we discussed earlier in this article, WordPress is one of the most beloved CMS platforms among developers. You will find a large number of WordPress developers (fresher to experienced) who are ready to assist you 24/7 if you seek assistance from the WordPress community. Apart from its official forum, Google and Stack Overflow are the two other resources where you will find quick support if you are stuck somewhere in between while developing a WordPress website.

Final Words:

All in all, you must have felt that WordPress is a true boon for novice and experienced users as well as developers. Amazing features, including cost-effectiveness, open-source, SEO-optimized, easy to manage, user-friendliness, huge community support, a wide range of built-in themes and plugins, etc., have made WordPress one of the successful CMS in the IT industry.

If you are looking for the best WordPress development company for a feature-rich and fully customized web solution, Gtech can be your ultimate WordPress development partner!

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