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8 Most Amazing Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2022

In the past five years, the Hybrid App Development Frameworks has become the preferred method for creating mobile apps in comparison to native application development.

Estimated to reach around $228 billion in 2022. Mobile application development industry has seen explosive growth in the last several years.

One major reason for this rise has been the growing demands for hybrid mobile apps as well as frameworks, which enable developers to create mobile apps that run on multiple platforms more quickly than ever before.

The data obtained from CDS Global shows that 79 percent of developers are planning to or are using hybrid frameworks for developing mobile apps until the end of 2022.

With the variety of hybrid app development frameworks growing constantly companies face difficult to choose one that will meet their needs and budget.

In this article we’ll walk you through the information you should be aware of the various mobile app development frameworks , and how to select the best one for your company.

1. React Native

The code is written in JavaScript and inspired with React, Facebook’s open source development framework that allows users to create user interfaces. React Native offers a method to build mobile applications that have native-like performance.

The thing that makes it special is that it makes use of native components which allows developers to build interfaces based off actual guidelines for user interfaces.

It is the result of a hybrid mobile application development framework that provides both native and web-based app development benefits.

2. Apache Maven

Apache Maven was created in collaboration with The Apache Software Foundation and is utilized as a project management tool for open-source and commercial projects.

With Java its roots It has since expanded to incorporate various programming languages. It is possible to automate tasks, such as compilation tests, packaging or creating documentation.

The leading application development firm in USA utilizes Apache Maven because of its versatility and the solid communities of support.

3. Ionic Pro SDK to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Platform

Ionic Pro SDK is currently in beta, but it offers the mobile app development platform to create hybrid mobile apps for mobile apps for enterprise management (EMM).

Developers can design and develop enterprise applications by using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript with the help of Ionic Pro SDK. Developers can utilize cloud-based coding environments to design, develop and then deploy their the code without moving it into apps in a store.

Ionic Pro uses Cordova to build hybrid applications with backup data storage that is accessible through REST API.

4. Extending Angular using NativeScript

NativeScript has launched a new version of its open source framework. With it is more features to build fully native hybrid mobile applications with JavaScript.

NativeScript is an JavaScript framework that allows you to create native mobile applications using JavaScript rather than learning Objective-C and Swift. A lot of NativeScript developers make use of tools such as Angular to build their application’s front-end.

NativeScript also provides all-inclusive assistance to Angular 6 via an integration called Hyper ledger.

5. Hyperledger Framework

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort designed to advance blockchain technology across industries. It’s a global collaborative that is hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leading experts in finance, banking, Internet of Things, manufacturing, supply chains and technology.

Hyperledger is a platform that helps businesses build industry-specific, robust applications platforms, platforms, and hardware systems that support specific process and business requirements.

That is a good thing that you can get the most reputable hyperledger company in USA at an extremely affordable cost.

6. Apache Cordova

Native mobile apps are an essential part of the mobile world. However, many companies have discovered that creating native applications will take time and can cost far more than what was initially anticipated.

Apache Cordova was designed by Adobe to solve these issues and is among the most well-known hybrid app development frameworks currently available.

With more than three million downloads to date, Apache Cordova has impacted the development of apps across the world.

we can use it to build hybrid applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and still be equipped to use device-specific capabilities like hardware buttons or locations services.

Since it lets you utilize web-based web-based language that is common instead of creating a brand new codebase, Apache Cordova is frequently more user-friendly than other mobile development tools.

7. Ionic Framework

This Framework has quickly become an extremely well-known frameworks for mobile development, designed to allow you to build hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Ionic Framework Ionic Framework is based on AngularJS and Apache Cordova.

It is an excellent hybrid framework for app development which allows developers to create high-quality, scalable, and quickly mobile applications across platforms by using technology from the web.

Because Ionic utilizes native device capabilities rather than mimicking them, hybrid applications made using Ionic remain stable, and more efficient than other hybrid frameworks.

Furthermore, since Ionic is built on AngularJS developed by Google as an extension of JavaScript (one of the world’s most used programming languages) Ionic hybrid applications created using Ionic are able to be seamlessly integrated into existing systems of enterprise and are able to access all their capabilities.

8. PhoneGap Build

Developers who use PhoneGap will benefit from a hyper ledger-based development company that offers hybrid app development.

we can use the service to gain access to plug-ins, tests and analytics tools to create an application quickly that is able to be released across multiple mobile platforms.

Alongside constructing products and solutions for the developers market, Hyper Ledger also provides white-label solutions that permit organizations large and small to provide their own native mobile apps or web-based applications.

One method by which companies are able to benefit from these products is by providing them as an added value feature by using existing distribution channels including social media, e-commerce websites and other marketplaces for third parties.

For instance If you want to sell your product on an Amazon Marketplace, for instance, you can make use of Hyper Ledger’s technology to develop an Amazon-specific version of your application, which includes customized branding elements as well as unique features not available within other variations of the product.


It’s not enough to be able to comprehend your customers as a owner. The fundamental idea and the design process that underlies the planning of your app are crucial, as you have to know what target audience you would like your app to target and how you can succeed by addressing them.

These mobile application hybrid development frameworks let developers create native code using web-based technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

You can utilize these frameworks either in conjunction with each other or separately according to the needs of the individual project.


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