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7 Ways to Experience Food Culture When Visiting Miami

Food Culture Ultimate Guide To Miami

Many different ethnic groups live in Miami. They brought their customs and food, which made Miami special. Through the food and specialties, you can learn a lot about one nation’s culture. Regardless of whether you are a fan of American food, or perhaps Caribbean food, in Miami, you will find a restaurant that offers it.

Miami offers a great opportunity to experience food culture and try various specialties in one place. Keep reading to find out what food you shouldn’t miss in Miami.

Latin American cuisine

Latin American and Caribbean cuisine are the most represented in Miami. Therefore, if you find yourself in this city, don’t forget to try some of the specialties of Latin American cuisine and experience the food culture that way. In addition to tortillas and tacos, which you’ve probably already tried, don’t forget to try pupusas, tamales, and arepas. Arepa is a cult Latin American dish.

This dish is versatile, and you can choose its filling depending on your taste. Whether you are a fan of vegetables, cheese, or meat, you will enjoy this dish. If you’re dying to try a Miami-style arepa for the filling, choose pulled pork, melted cheese, and avocado.


Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich originated in Florida’s Cuban immigration communities. This sandwich soon after became a signature specialty offered in restaurants in Miami. Cuban sandwich consists of Swiss cheese, roast pork, roast ham combined with mustard, and pickles served on Cuban bread. This sandwich delights gourmets from different parts of the world. Preparing sandwiches are simple, and the key to the popularity of this dish lies in the quality ingredients used for its preparation.


Burgers are one of the most famous American specialties. Although today you can eat burgers in various countries, American burgers have a special charm. If you want to feel the magic of the local cuisine and thus connect with the culture, don’t miss the opportunity to try the burgers. Miami offers many places where you can try great burgers. However, to make your experience complete, be sure to try the best quality burgers at Burgermeister Miami.


Argentinian cuisine

Argentinian cuisine is widespread in Miami, and you must try it. One of the most famous dishes you can try in Miami is churrasco, which originates from Argentinian cuisine. It is a grilled steak usually served with chimichurri sauce. Churrasco is special because it can be made with several types of meat prepared in churrasco style. If you visit Miami, do not miss the opportunity to try this dish. 


The diverse cuisine of Miami offers you the opportunity to try something completely different. One of those dishes is mofongo. Mofongo is an Afro-Puerto Rican dish made from several ingredients. Fried plantains are mixed and broken together with garlic and chicharrones. Once smashed, they get molded in a pylon. Plantains are one of the most popular ingredients in Miami and can be found in many dishes alongside mofongo. They have a very rich taste, and you will immediately love Mofongo.


Haitian cuisine

Miami has a strong Haitian community. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Haitian cuisine is very popular in Miami. If you are planning a visit to Miami, don’t forget to add a visit to a restaurant that offers Haitian food to your to-do list. There you will get the opportunity to enjoy soup joumou (beef and pumpkin soup), fresco (Haitian shaved ice), marinad (Haitian chicken fritters), and many other dishes. What you must not miss is the fried snapper. Even if you are not a fan of fish, you’ll change that attitude after you try fried snapper.

Shrimp and Watermelon Salad

Shrimp and Watermelon Salad probably sounds like something incompatible to you. Not in Miami! This salad is one of the most famous dishes in Miami, and you have to try it. This salad is a combination of the seafood and tropics culture of that area. Therefore, do not forget to try this salad, feel the charm of the local cuisine and learn something more about the culture of that area through food.

This dish consists of poached pink scallops, watermelon, mint, arugula, basil, sesame seeds, lemongrass, and dressing. This salad is an ideal meal for hot Miami days.

Wrapping up

Miami offers a variety of food options. In Miami, you can try traditional local food, Latin American, Haitian, and many other cuisines. If you visit Miami, don’t miss the opportunity to eat various specialties and experience the food culture.

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