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7 Tips For Camping For The First Time

Learn how to choose the best equipment, destinations and venture safely.Contact with nature, relax and enjoy the adventure of weather is what makes the camp such an attractive activity for many people.

But for all this, preparation is essential as the correct choice of camping equipment, campsites and accessories is what ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

Who will camp for the first time should seek references and prepare in advance.

7 tips that can help you in the process. Check it!

1. Where to camp?

According to the physical educator Thiago Lellis, one of the portal’s creators Why There tent, choose a campsite with good structure and location is one of the first steps. Search the internet review sites can help in the decision, and assess what the site offers. Bathrooms with electric showers and sufficient for the number of campers, area with grass or sand for tents and power points are essential for comfort.

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Some campgrounds offer even barbecue, communal kitchen, refrigerator and utensils.

2. How to choose a tent?

The most important item of the camp deserves careful attention. Thiago, one should take into account the number of people who will sleep in the tent and all the structure and details of how to assemble it.

“We always important that the sobreteto go to the floor so they do not add water at the seams and seams. It is also worth checking the water column to find the amount that supports tent in case of rain, “he adds.

The choice may also vary according to the needs of the traveling type. For those who want to make a backpack, the ideal is that the tent is light and easy to carry. Already who go camping with others should always observe the tent can accommodate everyone comfortably.

3. What else is necessary?

A good air mattress can make all the difference for comfort. coolers to store food and beverages are also essential, as well as power strips and flashlights. A first aid kit in case of unforeseen and toilet paper deserve a place in the suitcase. Be sure to bring plastic bags for the trash!

4. What are the most common unforeseen? How to avoid them?

According to James, one of the most common is the unexpected tent soaking water during a rain. Hence the choice of a tent with good coverage is critical, as a good mattress, since holes can be common. In this case, Thiago recommends a patch with glue.

5. What are the best destinations?

Be at the coast or countryside, it is important that the destination offers campsites with the structure and necessary security. Good campsites can be found in virtually any area.

6. I arrived at the camping, and now?

You must be attentive to where the tent will be set up. The land must be flat, without pieces of sticks, stones or any object that could damage the tent or the mattress. Learn how to assemble the tent in advance, not on the camping.

During the night, keep the fly screen always closed to prevent entry of insects.

7. Set up!

Plan every detail in advance to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Make a checklist to make sure you will not forget anything, keep an eye on the weather forecast and good adventure!

Final Words:

These are the some basic of camping you must if you are new to camping. Enjoy your camping day!


Outdoor sportsman, author & writer.

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