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7 Most Common CDR Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid

7 Most Common CDR Writing Mistakes You Must Avoid

To Approved your competency as a capable engineer, you need to write an excellent CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). After that, you have to submit it to Engineers Australia for assessment along with the required documents. This report is a medium for you to prove your engineering work experience, skills and experience to the authority. Therefore, you must take it seriously. In short, no matter how competent you are as an engineer, a poor CDR can spoil the whole broth. Taking this fact into account, we have written this blog to make you aware of some common CDR Writing mistakes.

Knowing these mistakes and avoiding them will definitely help you write an excellent CDR. As a result, you will definitely win a positive assessment from Engineers Australia. So, read this blog carefully.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A CDR:

1. Copied Content:

Copying from online CDR samples can put your CDR at risk. Engineers Australia assessors are so experienced and expert that they can easily find that the provided information is not original and distinctive. It means you will set the stage for a negative assessment if copying from Internet sources.

The authority expects fresh and unique content in your report, and plagiarism leads to rejection. Besides that, you may face a year’s suspension, which will cause you a huge number of problems in reappearing.

2. Issues In English:

If your CDR is with English grammar and spelling mistakes, it will definitely face rejection. In other words, the authority doesn’t tolerate a poor command of the English language. As a matter of fact, consider your CDR as a way to show your English knowledge of written communication.

Here, you must remember that you need to write the report in simple language, which must be understandable. If having any confusion or fear, take services from professional CDR Writers Australia.

3. Deviation From the Expected Format And Structure:

EA has written proper rules on its ‘MSA Booklet’. All criteria, format and structure are in this handbook. Therefore, you need to read and follow it for a CDR writing task.

Your application can face rejection if you have the finest material, abilities or experience. So, use the right numbering for paragraphs like 1.1., 1.2 and 1.3.

You also need to provide three career episodes with a word and paragraph restriction. A CDR has to be between 1000 and 2500 words long.

4. Fake Information:

You must not use false content like counterfeit projects, credentials or experience. Besides that, remember that any type of phony information can bring you a negative assessment. Doing so is a violation of the rules, which will result in rejection.

Remember that you should avoid any facts that you can’t prove if you are questioned. Most CDRs face rejection due to fake CDR projects.

You must include your position in the initiatives in which you have taken part. Aside from that, remember not to use phrases like ‘we did’ or ‘we found’. In other words, show what you did, not what your team did.

5. Use of a Language Other Than English:

You must prepare your CDR papers in total Australian English. Here, you will get an advantage if you use proper Australian English.

So, translate your paper to English if you presented your Career Episodes in a language other than English. If you don’t do it, Engineers Australia will not be able to analyze your CDR papers properly. You must remember the importance of Australian English if using the CDR Australia Migration pathway.

6. Insufficient Information:

You must sufficient information regarding duration, address, company profile and objective in your CDR report. Your CDR writing task will be of no value if you miss such valuable information. Thus, the authority will reject your application. So, you must include all these things in chorological order in your CDR.

As a part of your education certification, choose a decent project and include it in your CDR report. If unable to include your project or your project objectives don’t satisfy the criteria, your CDR will face rejection.

Provide accurate and sufficient information in your CDR for its acceptance.

7. Making The Report to Technical to Understand:

Too many technical details such as excessive calculations, tables, pictures and charters can spoil the quality of your CDR. Here, you must keep in mind that everything has to be within a limit.

In other words, your CDR must contain essential information but not long and elaborated. So, it is one of the major CDR writing tips to avoid excessive technical details.


If you need more information regarding CDR writing tips, feel free to contact us.

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