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6 Best Foodie Vacations in 2023

Foodie vacations are the new travel trend to follow

Some people travel for adventure, some travel to find peace, and others travel to gain knowledge and experience. Everyone who considers themselves a foodie , travel to treat our palates to something new, exciting, and unique. If you’re already planning your next food-inspired adventure, you can truly rejoice because, in 2023, you have a lot of amazing things waiting for you. Here are just some of the best vacations you can take next year to satisfy your food cravings: 

Toronto, Canada

It’s not hard to see why Toronto’s culinary scene is so diverse when the city is a true melting pot of people, cultures, and nationalities. In North America, there are many must-visit foodie destinations, and Toronto is definitely on the list with its 74 restaurants and 27 cuisine types being highlighted in its new Michelin Guide. Officially, it’s the city with the most diverse range of foods to offer to its citizens and tourists. It’s hard to name just a few restaurants on your 2023 trip, but our top picks are Maha’s for some Egyptian brunch and Chubby’s Jamaican flavors. 

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is not just a foodie paradise. This city in Argentina is a full-body experience for all travelers because it offers the best wines, amazing food, and a ton of adventure. This region has many wineries, most of which offer multi-course lunches that always contain top-notch wines (as much as you can drink) and breathtaking views of the surrounding Andes. To name some excellent places, you can visit Abrasado, the winner of the Gold Medal at the 2022 Best of Wine Tourism Awards, and try authentic Argentinian beef. 

Miami, USA

Miami is known for many things: excellent beaches, rad surf, the wildest nightlife, beautiful nature, exotic animals—the list could go on and on. However, what many people tend to forget about the Magic City is the amazing food. So in 2023, head to Miami to completely break your diet. While this city has some of the best high-dining experiences in this part of the world, your focus should go in a different direction, towards comfort food. Restaurants like Red Rooster focus on American cuisine, with a special accent on the diversity in Miami neighborhoods. Everything is based on local ingredients and chef Marcus’ dream to provide a stage for local artists, musicians, and culinary talents. Miami is full of similar eateries that will show you a true mix of tastes and smell you can find in Florida. 

Tuscany, Italy

Do you want to enjoy amazing food in 2023 but also improve your cooking skills? Tuscany in Italy will give you both amazing food and plenty of knowledge on how to make the best homemade pasts, and aromatic meaty sauce, and pair everything with excellent Tuscan wine. As you pop delicious olives into your mouth while overlooking the vineyards and enjoying the caress of the cooling wind, you’ll see why many people choose to retire here—it’s heaven on Earth. And don’t forget Chianti, all that Chianti! 

Tokyo, Japan

This one is for fish and sushi lovers. There are many destinations that serve amazing seafood, but only in Tokyo can you get the best, the freshest, and the most authentic sushi experience. Tokyo used to have a very severe lockdown and travel restrictions in the past two years, but now you can finally book your ticket to this futuristic heaven. On one side, you’ll find amazing sci-fi fusion cooking and on the other, the most simple and authentic sushi you can get—this is why Tokyo is so attractive to foodies. Every food-lover needs to visit the old Tsukiji market and study some most outlandish foods you can imagine. And don’t forget to leave one day just for ramen. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Asia has truly blessed us with amazing cuisine, so here’s another Asian entry on this list, Bangkok in Thailand. It’s a great and cheap travel destination, and the food is very affordable whenever you turn. Everyone loves Thai food from a restaurant, but it’s best enjoyed how the locals intended—at a night market or from the local street stall. And here’s something you can’t witness anywhere else, floating markets! Just outside of the city, you’ll get to do your shopping from the floating market and taste some of the freshest picks. Mangosteen is top-notch in Thailand, so if you’ve never tried it, don’t miss this perfect chance. 

Traveling just to eat new food can actually teach you a lot about the places and the people you visit. It’s an all-encompassing experience that’s worth every cent and every calorie. 

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