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6 Baby Essentials for Overnight Summer Travel, Including a Carseat Canopy

Everyone loves summer vacation! When you have a newborn, baby, or toddler running around, travel isn’t as simple as throwing your suitcase or backpack in the back of the car and heading out. Babies require a little bit more planning. But as long as you have some of these essentials like a carseat canopy, extra diapers, and sets of clothes, your summer travel won’t hit any speed bumps.

A Carseat Canopy for All Travel Methods

Airports and train stations can be packed in the summertime with people trying to jet out of town. A carseat canopy can help protect your little one from any potential germs and unwelcome baby oglers. And if you’re planning on taking a family road trip, a carseat canopy can help protect your little one from the sun’s UV rays and even help them drift off to sleep. Look for one with a silent magnetic opening for easy check-ins that won’t wake your little tyke.

Comfortable Muslin Swaddles That Smell Like Home

Never underestimate the power of scent. A newborn’s sense of smell is very strong right from the start. Traveling to a new place can be overwhelming and unfamiliar for your baby. But if you bring along a muslin swaddle that smells like home, it can be easier for your baby to find comfort in their new surroundings.

Soft and Portable Changing Pads

You never really know when your baby will dirty their diaper. But you don’t always have to use public changing pads in airports, train stations, or gas stations. You should always bring a clean and soft portable changing pad while traveling with your baby. Look for changing pads made of materials like soft vegan leather that can be cleaned up easily while you’re on the go.

A White Noise Machine for Easy Sleep

Getting your baby to sleep soundly while you’re traveling is easily the most challenging aspect of taking a trip. A white noise machine can help mute unfamiliar sounds that might keep your baby awake. If you start practicing a sleep routine with a white noise machine at home before your trip, it will be easier for your baby to associate that sound with sleeping. This can help them drift off a little easier.

An Outdoor Blanket for Fresh Air on Your Trip

Outdoor blankets are such a great way to enjoy the fresh air on your trip. Whether you want to stop somewhere scenic on the way to your destination for a picnic, or you want to spend some time outside when you get there, the best outdoor blankets have a compact design that can fold into an easy carrying case and are water-resistant and easy to clean. You can fit your blanket right in the back of your car or suitcase.

Extra Clothes and Diapers

Babies know well how to be untidy. Even if you think you have packed enough outfits and diapers, pack a couple extra for good measure. You need at least two outfits for each day of your trip. But, again, it never hurts to throw some extras in there because babies are unpredictable. With extra clothes, diapers, and this list in your vegan leather diaper backpack or tote, you’re setting yourself up for smooth summer travel with your family.

About Little Unicorn

No one ever said parenthood was easy, but with Little Unicorn by your side, you can embrace all of the beautiful, messy, and unforgettable moments of raising a family. Getting the best of the best for your little one’s journey through the first few years of life is easy when you trust Little Unicorn. With products that are tested and then retested to ensure they meet global safety standards, you can get the highest quality muslin blankets, large burp cloths, portable changing pads, customizable diaper bags, and so much more. Featuring hand-painted designs, gifts from Little Unicorn are bound to be showstoppers at any baby shower. Take the fun outside with one of Little Unicorn’s easy-to-clean, water-resistant outdoor blankets perfect for picnics or a breathable, lightweight carseat canopy to protect your baby from germs and UV rays. Let Little Unicorn become a cherished part of your family’s memories.

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As a travel junkie and DIY enthusiast, I’ve been blogging about my favorite hobbies and products for nearly three years. I love the feeling of introducing someone to new brands and opportunities, whether it’s cute, fall fashion finds, or my favorite beauty, skincare, or health and wellness products. There’s something extraordinary about the discovery, so I love to share that whenever possible. Thanks for checking out my profile, and here’s to hoping my tips and tricks help you discover something you love too!

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