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5 Ways To Know If Your Office Cleaner is a Keeper

As an office manager, you may find it challenging to find the best resources for different office functions—the cleaning department being the hardest to monitor. More often than not, finding a good office cleaning company is a gamble with many trials and errors. This is why you need these five parameters to gauge if your office cleaning company is a keeper.

  1. Do a spot check

How well does the staff for office cleaning in Bristol do the many responsibilities they shoulder? If you want an answer to this question, indulge in a monthly spot check. Each month, choose one area of their work and check how well they have cleaned that area.

If you find an excellent job in each area, you have a cleaner doing the work you are paying for. The lack of this means you need a new cleaner or may need a chat with the supervisor.

  1. Check the sign-in times

You are likely paying your office cleaner by the hours. Therefore, you need to know if they are on the premises for as long as they claim to be. The best way to do this is by checking the sign-in times. 

If your cleaner doesn’t regularly sign in and out of their work hours, you may need to tread carefully. First, ask them to sign in their hours properly, and if that fails to work, you may need a replacement. A promising sign is if they clock in and out at the correct timings without your reminder.

  1. Communication

Communication is paramount in any business relationship or service contract. For example, is your cleaning company supervisor proactive when intimating you about key staffing details or even asking for feedback? 

When supervisors contact you to give updates and ask for reviews, it shows their interest in improving their services and cares about your organization. The lack of it means you may need to find a better replacement.

  1. Staff treatment

Do you find your office cleaner sad and in despair? This may indicate that the cleaning supervisor is not treating them or paying them properly. While it doesn’t directly and immediately affect your company, mistreatment can lead to high employee replacement in the long term, which means your company misses out on a significant cleaning experience. 

Moreover, problems also arise when the cleaner is not authorized to work in the UK. Therefore, it is always wise to check how well your cleaning company treats its staff and whether or not their employees have the necessary work permits and documentation. If both these things check out, you have a keeper.

  1. The extra mile

Does your office cleaner go the extra mile when doing their day-to-day responsibilities? It could be as simple as reporting back any tiny issue in the office premises. Regardless of what they do, these go-getters are to be appropriately cherished for long-term benefits because this shows they are actively performing their duties and are looking for ways to help out and make things better. 

If you have such a cleaner, be sure to express your gratitude through gestures like a sincere thank you; this can go a long way towards making them loyal and more engaged at work.


Finding a good cleaning company for your office can be challenging. Often, it is all an extensive trial and error, wherein you have to decide between continuing with or replacing a company. However, if you find your cleaner doing their job well during your spot checks and taking the initiative to ensure clean premises, make sure you appreciate their hard work.

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