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5 Ways On How To Figure Odds

The concept of how to figure odds is related yet distinct from probability. The odds are simply ways of expressing the relationship between numbers of favorable outcomes in certain situations versus the number of unfavorable results. 

Typically, this is described as a ratio. Knowing how to figure odds is the primary strategy of several chance matches. It is, therefore, a fun activity to learn how to figure odds whether you are a high-roller or simply curious. Keep reading this post to learn five ways how to figure odds.

Here are five ways how to figure odds basic odds

Calculate the Number of Favorable Results in a Situation 

Suppose we are in a betting mood, but we have to play one simple six-sided dice. If this is the case, you will have to bet on the dice number after rolling it.

 Suppose you wager on that. You will either roll a one or a two. This way, there are two possibilities where you win if the dice shows a two, you win, and if it shows a one, you win as well. Therefore, these two tend to be favorable outcomes.

Find the Number of Unfavorable Results

In a match of chance, there is always a probability that you will lose. Determine the number of outcomes that would make you lose.

For instance, with the dice, if we wager that we will roll either a one or a two, that means you lose if you move a three, four, five, or six. Because there are four ways to lose, it means we will have four unfavorable results.

Another way you can think of this is the number of entirely favorable outcomes. When you move a dice, you will get a total of six possible effects—one for every number in the dice.

You may also subtract the number of unfavorable results from the total number of results to get some favorable results.

Express Odds in Numbers

Usually, odds are expressed as the ratio of favorable results to unfavorable ones they are often described using the colon. You might also decide to represent odds in fraction form. Something to note when expressing odds is that the odds are in the ratio of favorable results to the unfavorable outcome and not a numerical measurement of how likely you will secure a win.

Master How to Calculate Odds Against an Event Occurring

If you want to know the odds that are losing and are also called the odds against winning, you will flip the ratio of odds in favor of winning 1:2 will be 2:1. Suppose you express the odds against the winning, and you will get 2/1. Note that this is not an expression of how likely you will lose but rather the ratio of unfavorable results. If it were an expression, you would likely fail. You would have a 200% opportunity of losing.

Understand the Difference in Odds and Probability

The idea of odds and probability and the concept of odds are similar. Probability represents an opportunity that a given outcome will take place.


As you have noted in this article, how to figure odds is critical. Therefore, ensure that you master everything regarding odds. This is because they determine whether you win or lose your wager. You also need to know the format of expressing odds. Understand how these odds are set so that you do not fall prey to common betting fallacies. Ensure you utilize betting strategies so that you do not lose more money.

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