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5 Unnoticed Reasons That Could Be Causing Leakages in Your Roof

Whether you are an easy-going person or one who always wants the home in perfect order, the last thing you want is a roof leak. No one wants to go looking for buckets and pieces of cloth every time it rains. A small drip through the roof could point towards a larger roofing issue and that means an investment of time and money.

It can be stressful to find that the roof of your beloved abode is leaking and determining the source of the leak can turn out to be a hectic experience. This is because the main point or source of the leak rarely superimposes itself with the point where the leak appears on the inside of the house. The situations that are faced by home dwellers with regards to leaky roofs are always going to be different from one another but

there are some common causes of a leaking roof that ought to be looked at while dealing with this situation. Whether the roof is new or old, one never knows if the problem needs just a repair or complete overhaul. In order to save yourself time, we have compiled a list of some of the main causes of roof leakages that can go unnoticed.

  • The Gutters are Clogged

Gutters are installed to carry the water away from the roof to a place where it can’t cause damage. If the gutters of your roof are blocked, this will cause the water to accumulate and this pooled water eventually can find ways to seep inside your house.

If you can see garbage, dry leaves or plant waste sticking out of the gutter or there is a noticeable decrease in the water draining out from the gutter exits whenever it rains, you should immediately go for clearing and cleaning the gutters. Gutter cleaning machines can easily clean the gutters in no time.

  • The Flashing is Damaged

Flashings are thin parts made up of sheet metal that are installed at the joints of the roof and around the edge regions to create a barrier to stop water from entering where the main roofing material cannot stop it. Experts always consider flashing as the susceptible point for leakages due to the large number of joins required during installation and its positioning.

Flashing in the valleys of the roof system is most susceptible to leaks as valley joins process the water run-off from the roof and are one can always find pooling of water at these places.

 Tar is often used to seal the flashing together and corrosion can occur in that. In case the flashing is left exposed, wind and rain can cause damage to the flashing.

  • Ice Dam Build-Up

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms over the edge regions of a roof system and prevents the water from melting snow to drain via exit pipes. The heavyweight of the ice can by itself cause damage to the roof beside the water pooling in the region.

The higher temperature from inside the house causes some of the snow and ice on the roof to melt and the temperature outside remains ice cold. The water will then run between the roof’s surface and the snow and will freeze again once it reaches the exterior parts of the roof.

Buy a roof rake and remove three to four feet of snow using it from the edge part of the roof regularly. This will help prevent roof leakages.

  • The Sealant is Eroded

Wherever there is a joint in the roof system, you will find sealant. This provides a waterproof seal around joints such as screws, guttering, chimneys etc.

Erosion of the sealant is only natural over time resulting in roof leakages.

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