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5 top materials used in kitchen cabinets

Do you think about a kitchen remodeling project or planning to build a new kitchen? In addition to the structure and appliances it is also crucial to select the cabinet’s surfacing carefully. The cabinet’s surfacing isn’t just an element that affects the overall appearance of the kitchen, but is also an important factor which determines the long-term durability of the cabinets. Check out some of the Best Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen with both wooden and steel cabinets. 

From budget-friendly to luxurious There are a variety of options to choose from. Discover which will work within your home.

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5 best Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Solid wood

Wood is the most popular material used in cabinets. It is a non-toxic , renewable source. There are a variety of species that top the list, including hardwoods like marindi (mindi or Melia Azedarach) as well as teak and sheesham (Indian rosewood) are the most commonly used kitchen cabinet materials from India. It is then possible to finish the surface with varnish and stain or paint it using your choice of color.


Wood comes in a variety of colours, grains and textures. Natural variation in the wood creates its own unique aesthetic. It is very adaptable to both contemporary and traditional designs. Cleaning polished wood isn’t an overwhelming job. Avoid solutions that are highly acidic such as commercial cleaners.


Poor quality timber boards exhibit the signs of warping and dents, therefore it is important to select the best wood. The fluctuation in humidity can cause damage to the core and the surface of the wood. Moreover, it requires frequent polishing to ensure its smooth and smooth surface. It can also be a costly and labor-intensive material to work with.

  1. Laminates

Because solid wood is vulnerable to deterioration and infestation and rot, laminates are often the preferred. The laminates consist of thin pieces of paper sandwiched between layering of polymer resin papers with printed layers of various designs or patterns with an overlay of tough plastic film.

For the installation of these surfaces, composite materials like particle board, plywood, as well as MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) are utilized as substrates. A decorative sheet or film is glued to these boards. These boards are more affordable that solid wood (as is laminates) and more durable.

They are thin, thin pieces that are sandwiched between layers of resin made of plastic, various layers of kraft over which is an image layer printed with different patterns or designs, or one layer of hard plastic film.

Select a laminate that comes from HPLs (high-pressure laminates) for your kitchens since they are more durable, water-resistant and tougher than the low-pressure laminates (low-pressure laminates). Between matte and high-gloss and unicore (where each layer of paper within the laminate shares the same pattern and color which means there’s no wear and tear) and digital (with special, and even customized printing that is printed over the top) You have many options to pick from. Numerous brands such as Merino Laminates, Century Laminates, Royale Touche and Greenlam Laminates among others, have a wide range of finishes and designs.


These sheets are robust and economical. Because the printed layer is on a backing of paper it is possible to achieve the appearance of nearly all kinds of materials (like metal, wood and leather, etc.) by using laminates. Its skin doesn’t fade, scratch or fade quickly and doesn’t require a lot of polishing. Laminates are extremely resistant to moisture , and cleaning their surfaces is simpler since they are coated with a transparent layer of plastic.


If not installed correctly If laminates are not installed correctly, their edges are likely to break off. Because laminates are composed of plastic-based resins and papers pressurized under pressure They are not a renewable material. Certain kinds of laminates are known to emit harmful gasses into the air.

  1. Wood veneers

Veneers are sliced or sheets made of solid wood, which are put onto a composite substrate similar to laminates. The sheets are coated with stain and polished to create the desired color and appearance. Veneers truly reflect the fine lines and beautiful natural wood. Numerous brands such as CenturyPly, ArchidPly, GreenPly and AlishanPly offer top-quality veneers throughout India.


Wood veneers are environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to wood because only thin pieces from solid timber are utilized for covering large surfaces. Veneers could make a difficult-edged kitchen look more comfortable. Veneers are able to be treated to create matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss surfaces.


Veneers can discolor when exposed to light. The sheets need to be polished over time, much like wood. It is possible to see staining due to water if the sheets are not polished correctly. Veneers aren’t scratch-resistant.

  1. PVC

Poly-vinyl-chloride sheets are composite sheets of plastic that give an extremely durable finish. They can therefore be used without the need for the need for a substrate. This material for kitchen cabinets is cheap and simple to set up. Since it is waterproof and oil-proof it’s a great choice in kitchen cabinetry. PVC sheets are typically offered in lighter colors. Some manufacturers also offer faux wood grains and mouldings.


It is termite-proof as well as anticorrosive. It is also simple to maintain. Similar to wood laminates PVC sheets are simple to find and change. PVC is a cheap and a viable alternative to wood-based products and laminates.


PVC sheets are not available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are not fire-resistant and will yellow as they age. The only hardware compatible with plastic may be used as hinges, handles, and tracks. Some plastics soften over time, which causes joints to become looser.

  1. Aluminium or stainless steel

Kitchen cabinets made of metal are sturdy and long-lasting. They are a costlier alternative, but. Aluminium or stainless steel kitchen is a good choice for doors for cabinets made of wood. I suggest pairing the diverse product with glass for a more contemporary look. brighten the appearance. Although plain sheets are the most commonly used metal sheets are offered in various finishes, including the etched, brushed and patterned.


Metals boasts a unique look. Treated metal is durable resistant to rust and staining. Metal doors aren’t affected by humidity or heat. These doors are easy to clean and scrub, and therefore are not affected by the spiceand the frying-induced grime that is deposited in kitchens..


The metals can be found in small variety of colors. They could require repolishing when the glossy coating on the top oxidizes or gets rusty. Metal surfaces display fingerprints and oil smudges clear, which means there’s more use for the duster. The sheets are also more likely to scratch and dent. In addition the drawers and doors are more noisy than those made of other materials.

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