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5 Reasons To Make Your Purchases With A Credit Card

Credit cards have become increasingly popular in India in recent years. This is partly due to the simplicity of use, customisation, speedy approvals, and other advantages that they provide.

More information on the perks and how to apply for credit card may be found here.

What are the advantages of paying using a credit card?

Credit cards provide a variety of benefits in addition to the ability to make large purchases. If you are a couple, you can also check the best credit card for couples.


You can convert the sum into EMIs for specific purchases (Equated Monthly Instalments). You can then pay off the debt in installments. This is beneficial when making high-value transactions.

Period of no interest

For the duration of this period, no interest will be charged on any purchases or transactions made using the card. The credit term, or cycle, is another name for it.

Withdrawals of cash

You can withdraw money up to a specified proportion of your card’s credit limit. This facility can be quite useful in an emergency.

Payments are made automatically.

You can set up automatic payments if you’re worried about missing due dates and getting fined a penalty. This can be accomplished by directly attaching your savings account to the card and choosing a date for the amount to be debited ahead of time.

Rewards and cashback

During the holiday season and other special occasions, credit card issuers advertise appealing discounts on shopping, movie tickets, food, and travel. You can use your credit card to make a transaction and get these reward points or cashback.

Where can I get a credit card?

Take a look at different credit cards online before applying to discover which ones would be the best fit for you. Then pick the card that interests and qualifies you the most. There are a few different ways to apply when the time comes.

Website of the issuer

The simplest way to apply for a card is to go to the issuer’s website and fill out an application. The time it takes to be approved for a credit card varies, but submitting your credit card application online is likely to get you a faster response. It’s possible that you’ll be accepted right away.


Another method is to submit an application in person. You’ll get a prompt response when your application is approved, and you’ll be able to ask questions about the card or application in real time. However, some card issuers may be difficult to locate, and you will be able to apply only during business hours.

On the telephone

Although you must apply during business hours, you will receive a speedy response to your application if you apply over the phone. However, you may have to cope with extended wait times and being kept on hold while using phone applications.

Using the mail

Using the mail to apply is by far the least efficient of the methods. You’ll have to wait for the issuer to receive your application and then wait for a response, which could take weeks.

Although you may be enthusiastic about applying for a new credit card at first, your enthusiasm may diminish as you fill out the application and wonder if you’ll be approved. However, you may reduce some of the anxiety associated with applying for a credit card by reading your credit score and report ahead of time and understanding whether or not you fulfil the card’s conditions. You’ll have a decent chance of getting approved if you meet the standards for the credit card you want. If you don’t fulfil its conditions, check into other credit cards that you do and apply for the one that is the best mutual fit.

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