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5+ Latest YouTube Hacks and Secrets to know

YouTube hacks and secrets are the most important thing that business wants to know. Why? Because they know the platform is accurate for video sharing related to every business product and service. Shocking but the fact is this platform grabs a 2 billion audience globally. So, we don’t think we should praise YouTube now because statistics are saying everything. Let’s learn all the hacks and secrets of this video-sharing app. 

Why only the YouTube platform?

  • The first reason why you should recommend your team and others is Viral. Everyone is aware of how this platform has changed the level of video sharing. YouTube is always the first option because businesses know if they want to viral a video and are also keen to fetch the target audience then they should use this stellar app. 
  • It is awesome for analytics purposes. Suppose you have uploaded a few videos last week. Now how would you track the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments, etc? When choosing this under-rated video-sharing app, you can grab this feature. It helps you to know how the video has performed on this platform. You can also catch crucial leads from here. 

Read this-

  • 9% of the small organisations have their own channel on YouTube
  • Approx 70% of watch time on this app comes from a mobile device
  • More than 90% of Digital consumers use this video-sharing app
  • Research says 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute

How many YouTube hacks and secrets are there? 


  1. A user can turn all his/her videos here into GIFs. Is it possible? We can’t give a guarantee of other video apps but YouTube has this ultimate functionality for all marketers. So, are you curious about how to do this operation for your work?Here we go- First go to that video and find the URL at the top of the browser. Next is to add the word GIF. You have to write this word before the domain name. It will open GIFS.com. You can set the Gif duration at the timeline bar and can add captions too. Next is to tap on “Create GIF” and click on Next.
  1. Have you ever seen the written transcript of any video of your competitor? No? We are going to share the next secret that can blow your mind off. We know a great YouTube secret that helps to know the written transcript of other videos.To do this, your first step is to open that video and go to the More option. The second option is a transcript, so click on it. Now it will appear in the same window as a module. Share this secret with many now!
  1. So many YouTube hacks and secrets, how can we not mention video saving to later watch? Are you clearly updated about this exceptional secret? Not at all? You landed in the right place because we have a special hack for your business.Suppose you have seen a video that you also want to see in the future or want to show it to others. To perform this, all steps are very simple. Go to that video you like and click on the “Add to” icon now. You will see this option below the title of the video.
  1. Users from now can create their own custom URL for YouTube videos. Our personal favorite secret of this video app. Large-scale organizations’ marketing teams are fully updated with this salient feature. We believe you all should know how to do this.To create your custom YouTube video URL, go to the YouTube account setting and tap on the Advanced option. You can see it in the name section. A box will appear next to “I agree to the terms of services”, just tap on it. Click on “Change URL” to finish this job.

Remember: Not everyone can get the functionality of creating a custom URL. If you need it then please make sure you have more than 100 subscribers. Further, there should be a photograph on your icon channel and have uploaded channel art. 

  1. How to download a YouTube video from a URL? Is it one of your requirements? That is too simple. Maybe you like to download videos on your computer instead of saving them in your Watch list. To download any video, just type SS at the beginning of the URL of that video. It will ask you the quality of video too like 360p, 720p, etc.

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