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5 kind Hemp Cream

Early 90s how many people threw away their champagnes and the original chemos hemp cream and all these really great phenotypes that you know because all of a sudden new york said we want pk absolutely snoop Dog i want pk well purple kush is amazing the market yeah right a lot of good genetics we lost a lot of really good genetics and we’re in the Kootenays this is where the draft dodgers came.

Can Hemp Cream Help Relieve SCIATICA Pain

This is where all the guys that didn’t want to participate in war in the u.s came to yeah they brought their seeds and they brought their seeds and they brought their genetics and this is where they started working with the plant in Canada and what Mendocino and the emerald triangle has is the sun we don’t have that here we don’t have the same intensity normally so we’re now in bc we’re trying to fight against the first frost yeah and in our case we’re really high up we’re over 3000 feet here yeah so our window is really short we don’t actually plant until june harvest in september that’s our window yeah yeah perfect time to come down.


Hemp Cream can Help My Pain

And you’re not fighting uh with potential bud rot exactly that’s before the cold and all the rain comes yeah i get everything safe and sound flash frozen and then i can sit back and watch the cold weather move in and not worry about it it’s another really cool thing you’re doing because flash frozen you’re not having to dry you’re not having to cure the plant yeah and that’s important also that’s a really cool concept that you have with it to do fresh frozen it’s immediately in the freezer that’s right yeah we’re after the trichome not the biomass the plant so we’re just going to do whatever’s best for the extraction.

A Complete Guide How to use Hemp Cream


The trichome itself we’re not using any chemicals to extract. We’re using the natural terpenes in the plant to remove. All the cannabinoids just uh ice water and heat totally. And that’s how we get our final product out of it totally. Very low impact and in turn you’re getting an incredible product. And in my opinion, i don’t think I’ll ever be able to compete with the bag. The appeal of indoor when you can control your environment. Well it just can’t be done at this point at least but when it comes to extracts.

Industrial Hemp Farming 

A lot of the top extract artists there are would agree that living soil. Sun grown production is the best extract you can actually get. And it’s only going to get better every year it gets better. We Ccrop last hemp cream for pain relief year we’re looking at a bumper crop this year. This is as good as any of my past crops have done. EThat in a broad acre more of a broad acre system yeah all the plants are upright. Preying healthy the spacing’s great yeah just enough.These plants are filling out the amount of production per square foot is phenomenal on this plant like

kilograms dry and what percentage of oil are you expecting to be able to get off a thousand kilograms one of the beautiful things about this strain and one of the things we selected in the genetic process and selection process was how well it returns to rosin because we’re all about this live rosin we’re actually getting over three percent return from a fresh frozen which is exceptionally good wow and you can really see the crystals already coming in yes they look covered this is really impressive for this early on the structure was something else that this plant was selected for it’s a nightmare to try and trellis

or stake up you know five or six thousand plants but when they have this type of structure they don’t need any of that and in fact they’re so bushy that you end up getting more bud per square foot potentially as well like why can’t large corporations that are focused on profitability do exactly this because this is still profitable it actually might be more profitable


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