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5 Important Considerations When Shipping Vehicles

5 Important Considerations When Shipping Vehicles

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Shipping vehicles is an easy way to deliver your automobile from place to place. When you ship your vehicle, you will see numerous benefits. However, you must be vigilant about some important things when shipping your vehicle.

  1. The authenticity of the shipping company
  2. Price structure and Reimbursement plans
  3. Checking the car before shipping
  4. Taking Precaution
  5. Type of transport to consider

The Authenticity Of The Shipping Company

Shipping vehicles through car shipping companies is convenient but comes with risks if you don’t research well. When you ship, look for a well-known authentic shipping company. You should be able to trust it blindly as the transportation of cars is risky.

Authentic shipping companies are not involved in fraud and don’t hesitate to share all the details of the drivers and people involved in your car’s shipment process. Moreover, a reliable shipping company will likely ask for payment when your car is dropped off safely at the required destination. It will not ask for extra service charges.

Price Structure And Reimbursement Plans

Reputable vehicle shipping services have proper insurance plans and reimbursement policies. Consider the references of well-known companies and see which company has the best insurance plan. A good car shipping company will never ask for a deposit. Usually, brokers ask for deposits you don’t want. You must understand the company policies, shipment details, and pricing structure.

Checking The Car Before Shipping

Check the following in your car before it is shipped

  • Fluids: You must check the fluid levels of your car. Make sure there is no leakage going on from the car. A leakage can put other surrounding cars in danger resulting in an explosion on the way. Recheck the brake, level of coolant, and oil.
  • Fuel levels: The car’s fuel tank should not be full. It should be sufficient to fill your car away only. That is all a transport service requires. This will prevent the transport companies from stealing your fuel.
  • Car battery: Make sure the car battery is working smoothly. A long journey can cause the battery life to end, making it difficult for shipping companies to load and unload the car.

Taking Precautions

Before you give your car for shipment overseas, check your car. Please take a picture of it from all angles. Make a video just in case there is a mishap along the way or a robbery. Moreover, don’t leave your important possessions inside the car. Your possessions include jewelry, expensive sunglasses, GPS, and money.

Take all the not needed valuables out of the car. Also, get minor repairs such as oil leakage and battery issues. Take care of loose car parts, like buttons and headlights, which might come off during transport. Ask for the driver’s identity card and other details for tracking purposes.

If the car shipping company doesn’t cover the car during the transport process, you should do it. When you are selling a car overseas to a customer, the receiver shouldn’t receive a scratched and dented car. Using bubble wrap can protect the corners of your car. No need to wrap the entire car

Type Of Transport to Consider

It depends on you whether you want to transport your car through an open car transport or an enclosed one. Mostly, companies will offer you both services. The price will be different. The safest option is going for a hydraulic life and an enclosed transport trailer. Even if you are a car dealer, the cost will be more, but the car will reach the customer safely.

If you want to transport your old car and are looking for a cheaper option, go for an open car transport trailer. The disadvantages of open trailers are many. Your car will be sensitive to damage, theft, dust, and road debris. Be careful if your company uses chains to secure the car. Chains can put a lot of strain on your car.


Never take car shipping services lightly. Do proper research and ask extended friends and relatives if they have ever experienced car shipping services from your chosen company. Always stay alert for red flags, so you stay away from fraud. Considering the above five points will help you smoothly ship your vehicle.

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