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5 Amazing Pet-Related Business Ideas In 2022

5 Amazing Pet-Related Business Ideas In 2022

Pets have always been our closest friends, but now they are just like family members. To pet moms and dads, their furry balls of joy are legitimate children. In a recent interview, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence opened up about worrying she wouldn’t love her baby as much as her cat 

Be it love or trend, our devotion to pets propels a $261 billion industry. 

This year alone, pet owners in the US have spent close to $109.6 billion on products and services ranging from pet food to pet grooming. Pet ownership and pet-related markets have remained steady since the pandemic. And given how cute pets are, it’s unlikely that will change.  

What we’re trying to say is – 2022 is the year for starting a pet business. We’ve researched five unique pet-related business ideas to get you started. 

1. Pet Lifestyle Stop Shop

You might have heard that good old pet shops have been rebranded into pet lifestyle shops. Like back in the day, these businesses offer everything from pet food to medicine but also provide expert advice on cutting your cat’s claws and giving CBD oil to dogs.  

If you explore this business idea further, you should know that all successful pet lifestyle shops offer their products and services online. The costs of opening a brick-and-mortar store are a bit steep in 2022, so starting an online business might be more cost-effective.  

Like with any business, you’ll have to invest in social media presence and marketing] – it’s a small price to pay for such an impressive ROI across all pet markets. 

2. Pet Daycare Services

While you can run a pet lifestyle shop and never get in contact with pets for longer than a few minutes, starting a pet daycare business is entirely different. 

To take care of other people’s pets, you must be a pet person yourself. For starters, you should also focus on only one kind of animal – either dogs or cats. The rest depends on how competitive your local market is. Pet daycare businesses are pretty common in big cities. 

If you have some harsh competition, research is paramount. The best daycares employ counselors certified in pet first aid and CPR, offer spacious, climate-controlled play yards, and even access to live webcams so that owners can monitor their pets during their stay. 

3. Pet Bathing & Grooming

Though a healthy dog with a short coat and no skin problems doesn’t need regular baths, his loving mom and dad will send him to a grooming salon every month. It’s a matter of prestige but also a consequence of the pandemic. We don’t want anything dirty in our homes. 

The same goes for cats, especially feral ones that often take solo walks around the neighborhood. Some felines require frequent grooming and nail clipping, which costs a lot of money. These services are typically expensive because they are difficult to perform at home.  

Conversely, a pet grooming salon must have trained personnel that knows how to calm down an angry cat. Grooming a cat is not easy, but it pays a lot.  

4. Taxi Service for Pets Only

Consider starting a pet taxi service if you’d instead do something less stressful than bathing a non-cooperative cat. Many taxi businesses are pet-friendly, meaning the driver will allow you to take your pet with you for a drive. However, they won’t drive a pet alone.  

That opens a market gap in many cities because many pet owners need to bring their cats and dogs to daycare but don’t have the time to drive them there. 

As a pets-only taxi service, you’ll have to equip your vehicles with dog harness seat belts, dog guards, back seat hammocks, toys, and cat crates. There should also be a back-seat barrier since many dog’s struggle to relax alone and are restrained in the back seat. 

5. Pet Accessories and Clothes

Probably the easiest regarding how much pet experience it requires, a pet store selling accessories and clothes is a quirky business that anyone can run – and successfully so.  

On the other hand, running a pet accessories store requires business savvy. You’ll have to conduct thorough market research to determine the best option for your market. Will you sell products from trusted brands or manufacture your own? 

The second option isn’t that far-fetched, especially if you have a knack for creating handmade products. For example, you can start an Instagram-based business and sell handmade handkerchiefs, jumpers, or toys. Pet accessories are easy to make, and consumers like unique products.  


If you want to jumpstart a new business and like pets, this is a perfect moment to start studying the market and researching the competition. The benefits of opening a pet-related business are numerous. Best of all, the pet industry is stable and boasts an excellent ROI.  

Besides, you get to spend time with amazing little creatures. Did you know that petting your four-legged friend boosts feel-good hormones? Maybe it’s just us, but getting money to be surrounded by pets all day long sounds like a pretty good line of work. We wish you good luck!  

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