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4 Major Reasons to Utilise Time Tracker in Creative and Design Studios

“Time isn’t the main thing, it is the only thing.”- Miles Davis.

I for one wholeheartedly agree with Davis on this. Time is the only finite resource for all businesses. Yet it is the most misused and mismanaged one. If you are running a design or creative studio, wondering how to make efficient use of time, this article is perfect for you. Now, most creative studio managers believe that time isn’t as crucial in their businesses as opposed to others. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Employing a time tracker for employees makes sure that productivity and efficiency are high for all projects processes. It also helps your workers to maximize their insights into a project, value high-priority work, increase profits and so much more. Since these trackers provide such great benefits to your creative studios, why not implement them in your company?

Still sceptical whether or not it will work? Keep reading this article and solve all your doubts in a jiffy!

What are the Best Reasons to Implement a Time Tracker For Your Creative and Design Studios?

When you employ employee monitoring software, it helps to break down your workday in a hassle-free way. Now you can add, edit, delete tasks of your employees. Also, you can get detailed access to every minute of your employee’s billable hours. Instead of sitting at the desk, wondering what they are up to, keeping a check on them and getting tangible and useful data in return, is the best course of action. This data also helps you in the future to help your employees know where they are lacking. Isn’t it more helpful than simply punching in an out of a clock system?

Here are the four major reasons that you need a time tracker in your design and creative studios-

Efficient Budget Planning

Many creative and design studios base their budget on guesswork. Why work on guesses when you can get the accurate figure? Taking the help of an online time tracking tool will help your business to become more profitable. With time tracking, you will be able to know exactly what the billable hours are and how much work can get done within it. For your creative business to flourish, you need to charge more to the clients than what you spend on the project. If you had similar projects in the past, the data of this time tracking system will help you to understand how the previous projects went on. Based on this information, you can set your new budget for the project.

Client Transparency

Since most of the projects of design and creative studios require a lot of head work than technical work, some clients become stringy. They try to lessen the budget as much as possible. In these situations, it may be difficult for you to make a profit. However, the time tracking app for employees will make them appreciate the exact work that went into the creative project. Not only that, when they come to you for the next project, they won’t be too pesky to lower your quotations. You will be ready to answer questions like, “Why did the project take so long?”, “How long will the research take?”, “Why are your quotes high?”, etc. All you need to do is, access the information on the app and give them a complete project details for clarity

Accuracy in Billing

If you are worried about underbilling or overcharging your employees for their time, this app will eliminate all your worries. You won’t lose potential revenue by overpaying your employees for projects. This app will make sure you have accurate information about who did what in their working hours and include it in the final invoices. Sometimes design and creative studios hire workers by the hour. So, this app will make sure that the hours they work are recorded correctly. You can pay them with the quality and quantity of work that they did for your business.

Understand Your Team Better

Not all five fingers are the same. Well, this applies to your employees too. It is unreasonable to expect employees to work with 100% productivity every day of the week but with the help of this app, you can measure the kind of work that they do. To be more specific, some workers use the “I am thinking about the project” or “I am researching about the project” excuse too often. Now, you can log in to the system to check whether or not they are researching. With the help of this time tracking tool, you can get accurate information on time spent on each site, tab, etc., and measure your employee’s productivity.

Now that you know how the time trackers aid your studio business, why wait any longer? Get an app like KnowYourDay and make your business reach greater profitable heights!

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