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Packaging is much more than just packaging. Packaging has the power to convey the image of the company and improve the customer experience.

There’s nothing like personalized packaging for that. Here are 4 quick and easy istanbul escort ways for personalized parcel wrapping.

The benefits of packaging customization

Personalized packaging is a powerful communication tool. Indeed, personalized cardboard packaging improves the customer experience and customer satisfaction. However, the customer experience matters a lot compared to the product experience. Customizable packaging is an integral part of the marketing strategy. The goal is to convey a positive brand image through the packaging. This adds an added value that it would be a shame to miss.

Printed adhesive tape

All cardboard boxes must be closed with tape. Might as well put that to good use and replace your duct tape with custom tape. This will allow you to stand out from your competitors by displaying packaging with your logo. You can also take advantage of the personalized tape to put a positive message, an image, or even play on the seasonality to be connected to the period as with a personalized adhesive on the theme of summer or Christmas. 


The cardboard box or the personalized envelope

In addition to using custom tape, you can use customizable cardboard boxes. It is possible to obtain custom-made cardboard boxes. This solution is suitable for companies that have large volumes of parcels to ship every day. If you have a smaller number of packages, why not just personalize them with an ink pad? Very easy to apply on your cardboard packaging or even your envelopes, a small stamp will have a big effect. Also, remember to personalize the inside of the packaging with a small printed word such as “Thank you” or “Hello”.

The printed film

If for your sector of activity, you ship many pallets, you also have a card to play with personalization. All you have to do is replace your stretch film or your classic stretch film used to hold and secure your goods with a personalized film. In addition to conveying the image of your company and making your publicity, the use of a personalized printed film will increase the security of your loads. The risk of theft or accidental depalletization will be reduced.


Printed plastic strapping

In the same vein as the printed plastic film, it is also possible to personalize your plastic straps. Logo, brand, or precaution of use for transport are printed in 1 to 4 colors on your personalized straps. Printed straps are available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic formats.

E-commerce packaging, beautiful and environmentally friendly!

In addition to meeting practical and aesthetic expectations, personalized e-commerce packaging can reveal a real eco-responsible commitment on the part of a brand. The choice of cardboard material (preferably recycled) and the adjusted size of the packaging reflect the image of a thoughtful brand, concerned about the planet and doing everything possible to limit its environmental impact.

Indeed, the choice of recycled and recyclable cardboard makes it possible to limit deforestation and pollution linked to the production of raw material. Thinking about the format makes it possible to limit the use of raw materials, the volume of cardboard transported, and therefore the number of trucks on the road!

Attention to you, the bad students of packaging (plastic packaging, oversized, etc.) are denounced or even boycotted by consumers in search of good ecological practices.


Practicality, design, eco-responsibility… Listen to your customers when it comes to e-commerce packaging.

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