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3 Trending Wine Room Under Stairs Ideas To Make Your Home Stand Out


Wine cellar under staircase is becoming one of the hottest trends in the interior design industry. More and more homeowners are opting for these cost-efficient wine cellars that make their homes stand out from others. If you are planning to have a wine cellar in the extra space under your stairs, I have some great recommendations for you. In this article, I have compiled a few trending under stairs wine storage designs that have mesmerized all homeowners who have invested in them.

Every wine fanatic would agree that having a good wine preservative place makes them assured that their precious wine will stay safe. And then, if you get reputed interior designers and builders who can shape all your dream wine cellar ideas into reality, nothing can get better than that right?

My recommendation of trending wine cellar under stairs designs will make your house shine like a diamond!

Before I begin with my recommendations, let me clear away another one of your greatest confusions- Do you need a wine cellar under the stairs?

Why Having a Beautiful Wine Cellar Under The Stairs is a Great Idea?

Your Property Value Increases

A beautifully made wine room under stairs adds to the prestige and value of your property. It is considered a great status symbol and makes your home more attractive to others. It is not wrong to say that investing in a complete wine room takes more space, time and of course a big budget. But these under stairs wine rooms get built on even the tightest of budgets. So on a budget, you can get a beautiful wine room made that will set your home class apart from others.

Restoring Wine Collection

Unlike a wine room, a wine cellar under staircases can get renovated easily. So if any kind of damage occurs, you can get them fixed in no time. All you have to do is get in touch with good wine room restoration companies like Wine Cellars of Houston. They will restore the unit properly without any glitches.

Saves Money

Isn’t this the best part? Most homeowners think that investing in a good wine room will take a lot of money. But it isn’t the truth! When you book a company to make use of your extra staircase space for a wine room, it takes less space. Wine rooms under the stairs are a cost-effective way to store wine and also to impress guests on the budget.

Now that you know having a wine space under the stairs is a great idea, here are some of the trending wine cellar design ideas that you can incorporate in your home.

Coastal Style Wine Room Under The Stairs

In 2021, many wine room builders said that having a coastal-styled space for storing wine was attracting Customers. Coastal-styled wine rooms include a big glass unit that separates the wine from the other spaces of the house. This means even though you are building a wine room in a limited space, your wine space will be different from the other units of the house. Usually, the coastal designs are based on simple and plain glasses that exude comfort and luxury at the same time. But you can request your custom wine room builders to incorporate more detail into it.

Rustic Style Wine Room Under The Stairs

If you have a home that has lots of brown and black color units, it is best to opt for rustic style wine cellar Houston. This will make sure that the new wine unit syncs with the other units of the house. Wooden doors, exclusive brown racks, and rustic polishing make this style a hit among most homeowners who want to offer comfort to their guests when they visit their homes.

Traditional Style Wine Room Under The Stairs

When the best wine cellar builders make space for your wine under the stairs, they make sure to sync your wine space with the other units of the house. They survey your entire living space so that even though the wine room is supposed to stand out, it has elements that will make it a part of your house. You don’t want your guests to raise their eyebrows at your exclusive wine room now, do you?

Traditional style wine rooms are common designs but hold a lot of space for customizations. You can request unique designs and other ideas from your wine room builders while styling the room, traditionally. Commonly, these styles include stone elements taken from the Arabian homes and broad wooden planks as borders. But you can style it the way you want to.

Keeping my recommendations in mind, design your new wine room under stairs. Your guests will remain awestruck when they see the final product!


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