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3 free spell checkers tools.

Grammar is one of the aspects of writing that no one wants to spend too much time on. Unfortunately, because it’s one of the most crucial components of the English language and because English has roots in so many cultures, using appropriate grammar can occasionally seem like a difficult endeavor. Luckily, there is a free online grammar checker here to help. Catching more errors than the typical word processor, the free online grammar check is an essential step when writing for a professional or academic audience. Here we are listing 3 free spell checkers tools.

Proper grammar is essential to all forms of writing and helps to convey meaning and professionalism. English, however, is one of the trickiest languages when it comes to grammar and oftentimes even professional writers make mistakes. Though word processing programs now come with spelling and grammar checks, they aren’t perfect either and will miss errors related to context, use, and the like.

Unlike word processing programs, Free-Grammar-Check looks at several factors when evaluating a piece of writing. Not only does it review grammar, but grammar check also checks spelling, vocabulary usage, punctuation, style, and more. Word processors like MS Word and Open office very rarely catch errors outside of obvious misspelling and major grammatical errors. That’s because, unlike Free-Grammar-Check, they are unable to ascertain the style, purpose, or usage within the text to flag all the possible issues. The grammar check is free, convenient, and a fast and simple way to achieve peace of mind when it comes to writing.

Spell Check

Spell Check

Far from competing with the service provided by paying heavyweights (for example, Antidote), Grammica is an acceptable compromise. Simple and convenient, available in French, English and Spanish, there is no need to register to use it, nor to download any application.

Just go to the website and paste the text of 2,000 characters maximum that you want to correct, with two possible options: “I” is feminine (for chords) or “I am French-speaking” (to receive more or less information in grammar notes).

Do not expect a perfect result (mistakes past oh travers), nor that the Grammica corrects your mistakes for you: the site will just tell you the possible changes. Note that a paid version, without length restriction or advertising, is available for 11.99 euros per year.


Spell Checker

Grammarchecker is an online spell checker that is convenient and very easy to use (and free!). Because its sole purpose is to review writing, it has been programmed to look at everything from spelling and punctuation to style and word usage. The latter two go way beyond the scope of typical word processors and can even catch errors that many proofreaders miss, making the online grammar check one of the most comprehensive text review tools available and an essential part of the writing and review process.

GrammarChecker.net not only catches grammar errors but also looks at spelling, punctuation, style, and more. No matter what you’re writing, it if is going out to an audience it is essential to produce well-formed thoughts, ideas, and sentences. There’s no better or faster way to perform an overall check on a piece of writing than by using this tool to check grammar online. It’s quick, easy, and free. Those will well-written and error-free resumes or CVs stand a much better chance and earning an interview while a nicely-styled entrance essay can help a student get into the college of their choice.


It must be admitted: the “Frenchies” are not known for their mastery of the language of Shakespeare. In the office or in our daily lives, however, it is increasingly difficult to miss the writing of a report or an email in English. The less “fluent” among us still have something to celebrate: Grammarly is a very practical tool, designed to analyze texts written or downloaded directly on the application’s website, on other websites (using a Chrome extension), as well as on Word and Outlook (with download).

Extremely powerful in premium version ($ 11.66 per month), Grammarly offers a satisfactory free offer supporting the scan of a hundred grammar points, a contextual spell checker, as well as checking punctuation and sentence structure. Once the text is written, Grammarly identifies errors, makes suggestions and offers to correct them instantly. You can even add words to your personal dictionary.

But beware: Grammarly letting certain mistakes pass, do not trust him blindly. Nothing beats a careful rereading!

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