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3 Best European Capitals to Visit in One Week

3 Best European Capitals to Visit in One Week


Europe is a huge continent with plenty of things to do. Sometimes it might be hard to plan and execute the perfect itinerary for Europe, when you are so limited in time and don’t know where to start from. Usually, European capitals are quite close to each other, enabling you to combine several cities in one itinerary. In this article we will give you recommendations about 3 Best European Capitals that you can visit in one week without hassling and bustling too much.


Is it possible to see 3 European Capitals in One Week?

Yes, it is. Europe has one of the best infrastructures when it comes to traveling across the continent. While the distance between major capital cities usually doesn’t exceed 6-8 hours by bus, Europe has plenty of budget airlines that sometimes sell tickets cheaper than bus companies.

Because of this seeing three European capitals is very much possible. All you need to do is to have the proper itinerary and follow it. Don’t be afraid to have some spontaneous trips and decisions either. Sometimes the best memories of travel come from spontaneous and unintended changes of the plan.

Before we move on to the actual list of the capitals, it is important to know several things prior traveling to Europe:

  • Always make sure that you have valid passport and visa. Check out ETIAS website for more information on traveling to Europe.
  • Purchase Travel Insurance.
  • Use Airbnb and other cheap accommodation options for Europe. Don’t hesitate to consider staying at hostels.
  • Always check the airlines luggage policy.


3 Best European Capitals You Can Visit in One Week


While most of the international travelers choose Western Europe as their main destination, this article will give you a little bit different perspective of European Travel. Although, Western Europe accommodates some of the best and my favorite landmarks, Central Europe is one of the best regions of the continent that you can visit. Not only it is beautiful, but it is easily accessible and very affordable.

One of the top itineraries for a week is to do a route from Budapest to Vienna to Prague. The route from Budapest to Vienna takes less than two hours, while the route from Vienna to Prague can be done in three hours. Amazing, right?


Budapest (2 Days)

Budapest is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It has a lot to offer its visitors with its rich history and culture. It is also one of the most affordable destinations in Europe.

The city is known for its unique architecture, which can be seen in buildings such as the Hungarian State Opera House and Matthias Church. The city is also famous for its thermal baths, that have healing capabilities.

Budapest’s top attractions include Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes Square and St Stephen’s Basilica. Two days in Budapest is enough to see most of the city’s beautiful landmarks, while giving yourself enough time to enjoy its vibrant nightlife too.


Vienna (3 Days)

Vienna is a city of culture, history and beauty. The city has a rich cultural heritage that makes it a perfect destination for travelers who are looking to explore Europe. Prominent for its palaces, castles and beautiful, cobblestoned streets the city is the perfect example of medieval beauty and poshness.

In three days in Vienna, you can visit the most famous museums like Belvedere and Schonbrunn Palaces, enjoy a little walk around the Vienna Old Town and chill at Prater Park. Vienna is an excellent destination for those who want to learn more about European history and culture as well as enjoy some outdoor activities during their trip. Once you are done with Vienna, you can get ready to give yourself some part of Prague’s beauty.


Prague (2 Days)

Much like Budapest and Vienna, Prague is a city that you can’t forget. Moreover, you will want to visit it many more times in the future. Its dark Gothic Style make Prague beautiful yet very mysterious city.

Prague has been a popular travel destination for centuries, attracting people from all over Europe and beyond. Prague is also home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks like Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, and Old Town Square. The latter has been in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

Prague, truly, is one of the marbles of Europe and can be the best final destination before your trip comes to an end.



Europe is a great continent with plenty of opportunities to travel. In this article we have reviewed one of the most popular traveling routes in Europe. This itinerary works even better for those who have limited budget and want to see as much as possible while spending a little. Even though, Vienna is quite expensive, Budapest and Prague compensate for it, as they offer some cheap and affordable prices on travel and leisure.

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