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15 Instagram Hacks to Up Your Instagram Game

15 Instagram Hacks to Up Your Instagram Game

We’ll look at ways to improve your posts, stories, posts, and  comprar seguidores twitter other account features to help you optimize your use of the application.

Hack 1: Cover up your hashtags

There are two ways to cover up hashtags that might be distracting. One is to include them in a comment. Your hashtags will disappear whenever a comment is added in the comment area.

  • Another method is to use any line breaks in between:
  • Tap the 123 buttons and the return key
  • Enter a punctuation mark (period typically) and then tap Return.
  • Repeat the steps mentioned above

Instagram does not show anything following the three lines of the caption, which means that your hashtags are hidden in this manner.

Hack 2: Locate the most popular and relevant hashtags to utilize

Enhance your post’s visibility and reach with the best popular and relevant hashtags for your chosen keyword.

  • Click on the magnifying glass symbol on the dashboard
  • Enter the column ‘Tags’ and type your search term in the search bar.
  • The list will be made of the most searched-for and relevant terms, along with the volume of their usage.
  • Please make a note of hashtags and include them in your blog post.

Hack 3. Make use of the Collab feature

This latest feature from Instagram has made joining forces and working with other brands and creators much easier! Collaborate on posts or reels and make sure you reach your audience.

  • Make a post or reel
  • Make your caption, then click “Tag People.”
  • Select “Invite Collaborator”
  • Find the handle of the user and then select their profile
  • Share post
  • The selected person will receive a message to accept or decline the invitation to collaborate.

If they agree, you’ll be added to the post, and you’ll share the same views, likes and shares.

Instagram Story Hacks

Hack 4: Gain access to additional colors

  • Make sure your stories are aligned by incorporating specific colors.
  • Tap your stories open, and then tap the pen
  • Press either color choice and wait for the color gradient to show up.
  • Choose the color that you like best.

Hack 5: Make use of the green screen for your stories

This allows you to personalize the Story further or make it difficult to see the background behind the place you’re recording.

  • Explore Story as the case you were making one
  • Swipe left and choose “Reels.”
  • Click on the icon for filtering
  • On the screen with diverse effects, you can manually choose ‘greenscreen’ from the panel menu.
  • Click ‘Add media’, then choose the backdrop you’d like

Hack 6: Include hyperlinks to your Story using customized text

Link customers to any URL within your Story by including an image of a link.

  • Write your Story and post it.
  • Touch the Sticker icon located in the top right corner.
  • Click ‘Link’ and paste the URL
  • Enter your preferred text into the ‘Customize the text’ field.

Have fun with your sticker size, placement and color on your Story

Hack7: Rearrange your filters for photos

Make it easier for yourself to arrange the filters in your editing area.

Upload a new image or video, and then switch to editing mode

Go to the filtering page and choose the filter you wish to remove

Click the three-line icon, then drag the filters to the desired position

Select ‘Done’ to save your settings

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Hack 8: Make use of Instagram stories to gain insights into followers. Instagram stories to gain insights about your followers

Instagram’s poll sticker lets followers choose from a range of choices to learn more about what they’d like to see! The feature of the poll sticker lets you customize your options beyond the default “Yes or No” option.

  • Create your Story Post
  • Click the Sticker icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Choose ‘Poll’
  • Type your question
  • Modify, add more options and then post
  • Go back to your blog to gain insights into how your fans have voted

Hack 9: Select an alternative cover photo for your video

Use your preferred photo as your cover picture for your video instead of choosing an image from the video.

  • Click on the + icon on your home page, and select ‘Post.’
  • Select the video you wish to upload.
  • Click on Cover and press the + button located at the bottom of the screen. You can upload a picture from your camera roll.

Hack 10: Paste photos on your Story

Do you realize that you could insert images into your Story? You can also add images, logos and everything from the camera roll.

  • Create the Story post and ensure you have a photo or background you’ve chosen
  • You can use Instagram to open the camera roll and select the image you would like to paste onto your Story.
  • Choose ‘Copy image.’
  • Return to your Story Tap the screen and select paste

Include as many pictures as you’d like

Hack 11: Create your Story background with solid color

There are a variety of gradient backgrounds to choose from, but If you’d prefer a solid color, this is how to create it.

  • Log into your Story and choose any image you want to use.
  • Just click on three dots on the right-hand side and select “Draw.”
  • Choose the color you prefer from the palette or press down to access a colour gradient

Place your finger in any area within the screen for around 2 seconds, and then wait until the screen is filled with the color you select.

Hack 12: Fill in your story background using a transparent layer

Instead of adding to your Story with an opaque color, opt for a subtler effect by using a translucent layer.

  • Log into your Story and choose any picture you like.
  • Select the 3 dots on the right-hand side and choose “Draw.”
  • Choose the highlighter pen tool.
  • Select the color you like from the palette or press down to gain access to various colours.

Click any area in the display for around two seconds. Wait until the screen fills with a transparent layer of the color you prefer.

Hack 13: Include Music in your Story and personalize it

Use Instagram’s music library to make your Story more lively by including Music.

  • Select the image or video that you would like to publish.
  • Select the icon for stickers and then tap Music.
  • Explore Instagram’s music library, and pick your favorite songs from various genres.

Choose a song that you can enhance your Story.

You can adjust the clip’s duration using the ’15’ button. you can feature at least 15 seconds worth of the track you wish to be featured

You can swipe to explore the options for how the Music appears visually. These options include live-time lyrics, album art, or a plain text box displaying the song’s name. (Tip Use the pinch function or expand the area to alter its size.)

Click ‘Done’ to make sure to post

Hack 14: Write multiple stories at the same time

Do you realize that Instagram users could easily edit and publish multiple Stories simultaneously? With Instagram’s Multi-capture feature, you will be able to.

  • Start Instagram Stories and pick the Multi-capture option on the left
  • Start taking pictures. You can make up to 8 photos using the feature.
  • Click on ‘Next’
  • Paint, add effects or edit the images as you normally would
  • Click the arrow to share the Story with your friends.

Hack 15: Use a YouTube video as a layer of the base to your Story photo

You can have both an animated video and a static picture simultaneously on your Story

  • Select a video from the library or record a video to your Story
  • The stickers are open on the right side of the Story
  • Choose the photo-stamp
  • Choose the photo you would like to use to accompany that video in your photo gallery.

Place the photo on the top of the video and alter its position and size according to your preferences.

Instagram Tips and Tricks


With Instagram’s frequent updates, It can be not easy to keep up. Hopefully, these tricks and tips will help you utilize your account more effectively, improve your brand’s visibility, and benefit from Instagram’s capabilities.


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