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13 Light Blonde Hair Ideas To Try This Summer!

Light Blonde Hair Ideas

Do blondes really have it easier and have more fun? Well, we can’t confirm or deny that they do, but we’re anxious to try out these gorgeous light blonde hair color options to spice some things up this summer.

We have choices for getting you somewhere cool and trendy with Beyond Extensions if the summertime heat seriously dehydrates your beauty routine.

Similarly, if the color of your in-season hair is fading and needs to be updated, this blog has all your options covered with style ideas that will keep you on the edge of your seats and lets you decide on 13 of the most gorgeous hairstyles you can try with light blonde hair extensions.

1. The Cool Light Blonde Hair

This frosty shade is as near to light platinum as you can go without going all the way.

Since the coolness will help balance it out, this color is best for those with more rosy complexions.

The color is a little trickier to create for natural brunettes because you have to soften your foundation before adding cooler highlights.

Still, light blonde hair extensions made with human hair make it easier to achieve, don’t worry!

2. Long Curled Light Blonde Hair

Try a light blonde hair color with very long, curly hair if you want to go all the way on the length and texture of an extension. 

And, If you want to minimize maintenance on your long natural hair, root your color to make the growth smother. 

The most important advice for those who want to try blonde hair is to maintain its health by taking precautions on how to heat style it or wash it. 

3. Playboy Blonde Hair

A resounding yes to the ’90s, this bright light blonde hair can be achieved with highlights and is left ‘untoned’ to give a slightly raw, bleached look. 

Modern hair care and extension make it so easier to wear without going to the extent of damaging your natural hair. 

You can do it yourself or ask your stylist for a full head of perfectly lifted blonde highlights, left bright enough to be untoned or toned with a clear, diluted toner. 

To keep hair strong and healthy, we recommend using hair treatments like sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to make your style and hair last longer.

4. Pearl Blonde Hair 

We absolutely love this look because it gives a slight tonal shift and luminosity to the platinum-blonde trend. 

This fantastic shade is for anyone getting bored with dark shades and wanting to experiment with something lighter. 

You can get an extra-light blonde with pale yellow undertones, and make sure not to go overboard and get gray tones. 

5. Baby Blonde Hair

Not ready for a full-on dark blonde and bold color? Give baby light blonde hair extensions a try. 

You can get a warm, pale base color with whiter but not that white highlights to make the style pop. 

The color is universally flattering and easy to achieve. The best thing is that the mixture of warm and cool colors works well with all skin tones.

6. The Buttery Blonde Hair

We like the style to be more rooted with golden, buttery tones throughout if you can’t commit to something too bold and bright. 

A darker root means it requires less upkeep, but the golden buttery color still gives an excellent subtle brightness you can try.

7. Soft Light Blonde Hair 

The Soft, light blonde hair idea is excellent for summer and works well for people with fair skin tones. 

It’s so blonde that it’s almost golden platinum, but the warmer tones look gorgeous. 

You can ask for a warm platinum blonde to get the shade and specify that you don’t want the style to look washed out (too light). 

8. Coconut Soft Candy Blonde

The face-framing highlights from last year are still present but are becoming softer, smoother, and cuter, of course. 

The brightness surrounding the face gives out that bright and lively vibe. 

For that intense light blonde hair around your face, we advise foiling your hairline and having the rest balayage; it will help you maintain some contrast.

9. Old Hollywood Very Light Blonde Hair 

The trendiest take on bright blonde is a little warmer than the true platinum that’s been dominating for the past few years. We absolutely love this lookit’s so raw and youthful. 

The hair has a subtle champagne color tone, which feels “Hollywood.” 

This look works best on thinner/finer hair types, collarbone-skimming lengths, and shorter ones. 

We recommend bringing photos of the shade you want and being clear that you don’t want any others if you visit your stylist to get your human hair extensions colored!

10. Bombshell Blonde

This classic light blonde hair with a mix of old Hollywood vibes is medium-toned—not too warm, not too cool, but still very bright and trendy. 

Red lipstick goes well with the look if you are going for that Marilyn Monroe style.

11. White Blonde

A bright white double-process blonde can completely change the style of your hair. We recommend you keep the roots darker for a little dimension. 

While this shade can add instant cool to your look, just be sure you’re prepared to commit to regular upkeep because it might require some attention to retain that flawless look. 

You can touch it up every six to eight weeks at home or in a salon by washing gently or adding sulfate-free hair spray to your hair care routine.

12. Selenite Blonde

An ashen, soft, and creamy light blonde hair that practice reflects the sun. It’s not quite as icy as platinum but is still very light and bright. 

We say you go for this style, and you will definitely be the center of attention on any occasion you attain. 

You can go the neutral to cool tones route with almost white highlights to brighten it up.

13. The Sunrise Blonde

Last but not least, we have given you some of the best light blonde hair color ideas that you ought to try. 

This sunrise blonde look offers brightness and a soft, dimensional appearance to your style. 

The more variations/partings/styles you try with this color, the more you will be able to match it with any dresses you wear or occasions you attend. 


It might be the prime time for you to experiment with different light blonde hair colors to see which one works best for you. 

Our question at the beginning might be true: blondes actually have more fun. 

Well, it can’t hurt to try out these amazing colors and find them out yourself. 

Nowadays, with trendy colors popping off every day, ladies frequently change their hairstyles and color to match the trend. 

For that reason, The Beyond Collections by Beyond Extensions offers total blonde transformations you can try to amp up your hair game and stay trendy!

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