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12 Tips for Successful Event Photography

12 Tips for Successful Event Photography

As a photographer, adding even photography to your skill arsenal will improve it drastically. Events are back in business after not being able to host them, so everyone is excited to get the beach into the groove of things. As an event photographer, you will be able to record memories, especially when you get to work at an event. If event photography is something you are interested in, here are 12 tips to help you.

Plan in Advance

No matter if you are working on a private or corporate event, planning in advance is key to success. Before the event, make sure that you are preparing a list of what you need to capture. This will help you figure out what great you need as well as when you want to get the photos


Having a plan of how the images will be used will help you choose the best way to take them. When you already have an idea of what image format the customers will need will make things faster and easier for you.

Pack Light, in More Ways Than One

Photographing events doesn’t have to mean that you need to lug tons of gear. You need to think about how long you will be holding the camera. For instance, if you are working a short event, it is fine to use heavier gear, but if you are working a long wedding, opt for something lighter.


Another big challenge that you might come across is lighting. Make sure that you have a light to make the quality of your photos. Have a bag of your essentials near you at all times.

Know the Agenda

The best thing that you can do to help yourself when photographing an event is to ask for the event agenda. This will ensure that you know what is happening when and planning out the shots. Having the agenda will help you visualize the event in advance and come prepared with amazing ideas.

Show Up Early To The Event

As a photographer, you never want to be late for an event. Arriving early will allow you to set up in peace and be able to capture when people are arriving. Not being on time will look very unprofessional.


Do Not Put Your Camera Down

Even though you should and can take a break when working an event, always being prepared to capture a special moment is what will set you apart from others. If you are lollygagging and you have put your camera down, you are likely to miss key moments. Always be on the lookout for special moments. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing candid moments.

Be Wise Photographing The Event

A lot of photographers go wrong with this one, making them look unprofessional. No one wants a camera shoved in her face the whole event. You have to find the right balance of capturing those touching moments while still letting the guests relax and have fun. The guests shouldn’t even know that you are there.

Portable Lighting

As we have mentioned above, always having the right tools with you is the key to having amazing photos. No matter if there is going to be amazing lighting there or if the event is only during the daytime, having your portable lighting is the key. If you know that you are going to be taking large group photos make sure that you have adequate lighting to ensure promised quality.

Add Fun Props

If you are working an event that is not super strict, adding props and photo booth will make the event so much better. Incorporating photo booth with fun photography backdrops will ensure people are less awkward and have more fun.

Be Extra Prepared

There is nothing more important than coming to the event prepared. Always pack spare batteries, cameras, lenses, memory cards as well as microphones if you are making a video as well. There is only one chance to make the photos right, so you have to do everything you can to ensure they come out amazing. Always have a backup solution.

Take The Perfect the Group Shot

When you are working events, it is important that you know how to take amazing group photos. Taking the best group photo ever requires a lot of preparation and knowledge. The safest way to make a photo like that is to shoot from a high vantage point. This way there won’t be people covering each other. Another thing that you can do is use a wide lens that will be able to capture everyone.

Plan Your Outfit

Believe it or not, how you dress plays a big role in how people will perceive you. Even though you shouldn’t come super dressed up, you want to choose an outfit that will show how professional you are. Another thing that you should think about is if there is a dress code that you need to follow. These are all things that you should check and plan in advance.

Edit Quickly To Get Images Back To Your Client

Working big events means that you have quite a few photos to go over. Always ensure that you are meeting the expectation of your employer. Edit the photos efficiently and deliver them to the client as fast as you can. Always send a few test shots so they can approve.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your photography business.

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