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11 Must-Have Accessible Features In Web Design

Creating and developing websites, tools, and technology in such a way that individuals with imparities can use them. Your website must be useable for as many people as possible. However, it does not only mean making it accessible for disabled people. But for other devices and groups of people with slow internet connections. Ensuring that all your potential users have a good experience whether they have any disability. Moreover, they can readily access your information by making your website more approachable. You are also increasing the usability of the site for every individual by applying accessibility best practices. Some custom web design services in London are well-designed and easily accessible helping you to speed up the supply of information and services. Accessible websites and electronic documents enable a wider range of customers to gain information, regardless of their specific requirements.

Features In Web Design for Accessibility:

Having a website accessible to different people is not only a good practice but also enables international rules and regulations. We have listed some features to integrate into your website to make it accessible to a vast group of people.  

Colour Contrast

Accessibility allows for basic colour contrast so that everyone can read the entire content. Thus taking advantage of the relevant sections. Influencing designers occasionally by design trends, brand palettes, or their preference for low contrast font. However, resulting in a colour choice is not legible for everyone.

Priorities Interactivity 

To transform your static and forgettable page into something to engage your audience use interactive features. Indeed interactive elements are great for bringing actual functionality to a website. But they may also be quite valuable for personalization. Consequently, one of the most fascinating websites we’ve come across has prioritized interactivity, and the results are impressive.

Clear Feedback

Imagine your users are filling in some information. An error occurs but they are clueless about the actual issue. Clear feedback in the form of text, icon or background colour is beneficial. Thus a straightforward explanation helps recover the error. It prevents potential errors.

Don’t Rely On Colours Only

Many readers are hampered by relying solely on colour to communicate information: colourblind and low vision users may not be able to notice colour distinctions, and screen readers may not declare colours to non-sighted readers.

Accessible CMS

Choosing a content management system (CMS) that provides extensive accessibility support is helpful if you want to improve the accessibility of your website. Your CMS should assist authors in creating accessible content by prompting them to include alt tags for images and transcripts for video content, for example.

Equip Accessible Labels And Instructions

While designing the forms, keeping accessibility in mind plays a crucial role. Filling forms without errors is essential. The labels are hidden visually. However, providing code to support other forms of presentations such as screen readers and speech input users. This enables the users to better understand the purpose.

Organize Your Content

Create scannable content to improve the overall look of your website. This allows you to easily understand your site. Use headings to organize content in suitable headings. Moreover, to show a clear relationship between headings and paragraphs, use white spaces.

Responsive Designs

Your website should look good on different devices including desktops, mobiles, tablets etc. This allows optimal readability experience. Use appropriate text sizes for each device. Moreover, you can create different layouts for different screen sizes. 

Browser Consistency

Modern browsers have become more efficient however some inconsistencies in different browsers still exist. Indeed you should ensure consistent browser behaviour across all major browsers. For instance, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Textual Content As Alternative

The content should have alternative ways for users to understand it. For instance, the audio version of video content for blind users. Moreover, captions for images and a transcript for audio or video content.

Auto-Playing Content

By including visible controls you will be allowing your users to play, pause or switch manually between different items. Add left and right arrow, useable by the keyboard, screen readers or voice input software. 

In the end, any business can benefit from having a website. The only way to ensure that a website will be successful is to plan, construct, and promote it properly. The only way to determine a website’s success is to collect consistent, reliable data on customer behaviour and to strive to constantly improve the website to benefit customers. A successful website will follow a customer-centric approach. Thus the user’s requirements always being the priority. Customer happiness and the ability to improve the information and services a business provides as technology evolves will ultimately decide success. To rank higher in search results, accessible websites play a vital role. It also enables you to attract more visitors. Moreover, it also improves the overall customer experience. The success of a website is determined by its usability.

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